Need Vitamin B12 Shots?

New regulations have made B12 injections extremely difficult to find online. Until we came along.

Avoid Irreversible Damage

Left untreated, a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause permanent damage to your brain and nerve system. Once neurological symptoms have kicked in, there’s a very short window to act before things get crippling.

At first, you may just feel some overall lack of energy. You may think it’s gotta be your stressful job or something. But over time, strange sensations, like tingling and muscle tremors, begin to appear. And then you worry.

Leave it untreated for enough time and you may eventually be forced into a wheelchair, putting tremendous stress on your whole family.

Vitamin B12 injections can prevent all that.

The problem?

New, strict regulations have destroyed the online availability of vitamin B12 injections. A physician is now required to prescribe the shots, but unfortunately physicians almost always prescribe the cheap, synthetic and ineffective cyanocobalamin form of B12.

To get the effective form — methylcobalamin — you’ll have to spend annoying amounts of time and money going through a consultation call (to get a prescription) on a telemedicine website.

By partnering with Oxford Biosciences, we solve that problem by offering the ultimate B12 supplement, a vial of 40,000mcg pure, high quality methylcobalamin B12 in dry form.

I am Regev Elya.

I founded FreshBeetle to help bring you premium Methylcobalamin B12 at an affordable price.

What’s so special about our vial?


No Prescription Needed!

The vial contains pure methylcobalamin to which you’ll add saline and then inject. You’ll have to buy syringes and saline in a pharmacy (costs a few dollars). This allows the vial to be labeled as a vitamin supplement and not ‘injections’, because it ships without needles. This means no more time and money wasted on expensive consultations just for prescription.


Absorbs Better

Many B12 injection brands use sterile water to dissolve their B12. That is not optimal at all. If you read the research on methylcobalamin you will see that it absorbs best when dissolved in an isotonic solution (saline). Nobody should ever use water.

Premium Quality

Our methylcobalamin B12 isn’t some ‘Made In China’ stuff ordered from Alibaba. We source it from a reputable pharmaceutical lab in England. Every batch is sent to Oxford Biosciences to conduct independent tests to ensure high purity, sterility and potency.

Significantly Less Painful

Numerous studies reported severe pain with water injections, but little to zero pain with saline injections. Our body is saltier than sterile water, so when you inject B12 that is dissolved in water, the body equalises the salinity, causing the painful “bite”. Also, we’ll provide you with instructions on how to inject subcutaneously (SubQ) rather than intramuscularly (IM). IM is painful, SubQ is painless and has a long history of efficient methylcobalamin B12 delivery. You can get rid of the fear factor entirely by using a needle-free subcutaneous device like Injex.

Very Cost Effective

This is not a retail product. This is just a pure methyl B12 vial from a certified lab. This allows us to offer the B12 for very low prices. Our vial provides 40,000mcg of methylcobalamin and costs $97, international shipping included! Normally you’d pay 2-3 times more for that amount of B12. That’s a huge saving when you need a new vial every month.

Longer Expiry Date

Liquid methylcobalamin can be easily destroyed when exposed to light. This is why it’s best to keep it in dry form right until you start using it. Whenever you dissolve our B12 in saline, we recommend covering the vial with aluminium foil to avoid light exposure.

$97, FREE International Shipping through Royal Mail.

Who Needs Vitamin B12 Shots?

There are several causes of B12 deficiency:

Low intake of B12 (such as with vegan diets). Toxins inactivating your B12 (like cyanide in cigarettes). Parasites eating your B12 (fish tapeworm is a common one). But the majority of B12 deficiencies — as the famous Framingham Offspring Study showed — are the result of improper malabsorption, rather than low consumption.

Yes, you can be deficient even if you eat a ton of B12.

The absorption of vitamin B12 is complex, and conditions such as pernicious anaemia, intestinal dysbiosis, leaky gut, low stomach acid, degradation of the GI tract, exposure to nitric oxide, acid-suppressing medications, and more, can all make the process go wrong.

This is where vitamin B12 injections truly shine.

These shots can bypass absorption issues and deliver B12 directly to the bloodstream, rapidly filling up your stores. The discovery — that high-dose B12 can be administered in shots and overcome absorption issues — has given new life to people who can’t properly absorb B12 from foods, such as Pernicious Anemia patients.