The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook Can Save Your Life

Warning: Prolonged B12 Deficiency Can Cause Permanent Brain Damage.

The B12 Deficiency Survival HandbookCan a lack of vitamin B12 be the reason you’re so tired and stressed? Can such an easily-obtainable nutrient really prevent memory loss, alzheimer, heart disease and even infertility? And what if you were told that a deficiency can literally shrink your brain, cause irreversible damage and even stunt the development of your lovely child?

Those are no longer theories, but hard facts backed by solid scientific research. B12 deficiency is one of the most underrated and destructive illnesses in the western world. With great help from scientists and specialists, Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar separates the junk from science and gives you the best ways to prevent or treat this deficiency as early as possible, saving you a lot of money and time. The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook will help you:

  • Know more about vitamin B12 than 99% of doctors.
  • Choose the best foods or supplements to treat your specific deficiency.
  • Understand the signs and symptoms so you can avoid irreversible nervous and brain damage.
  • Achieve the vibrant energy, vitality and happiness that you desire so much.
  • Delay aging, alzheimer and other degenerative diseases.
  • Keep your hormones in good shape and feel like Wolverine.
  • Protect your children and loved ones.
  • Save a LOT of time and money by avoiding the wrong types of supplements and expensive medical procedures.

Early treatment can literally save your life.

Readers Say:

If vitamin B12 deficiency is a concern, or you simply want to have a real understanding of this all too common issue, then there is only one book that you should buy. This book is the authority. It is written in a way that allows the layman to understand the issue, and provides the most comprehensive coverage of the topic available as far as I can tell. A must for anyone interested in this issue. (David Turner,

Vitamin B12 is the only nutrient not supplied by a vegan diet. Therefore when I saw Aqsa and Regev’s book, I knew I had to read it. It’s a great read full of bonafide references. I’m sure I could have found the majority of the information on the topic doing my own research online, but the time investment required would have been huge. (Andy Cowan,

If you or someone you love is B12 deficient, or displays some of the symptoms, it is worth getting this book and find out what to look for and what to talk with your doctor about doing to get to the other side of this surprisingly easily treated deficiency.

Everyone should read this book due to it’s importance.

Strips away the medicalese to present a clear picture of B12’s role and how to correct a deficiency.

I was just diagnosed with a very low B12 deficiency, and was advised this is the best book around to get information I need. I was in no way disappointed. I highly recommend it.

This book will give you a very solid foundation of why B12 is so crucial, why and how it’s involved in almost everything the human body does, why it could very well be the little missing bolt in your system that makes you feel so tired and sickly.

Overall, a great buy and a potential life-saver for some people.

Avoid or Treat Anemia

Have you ever had the chance to see a child who is weak, malnourished and has been diagnosed to have anaemia? Most of you probably haven’t.

I’ve seen pregnant women who are slightly anaemic, I’ve seen patients with tuberculosis who are on medications and become anaemic and weak – but none of them were as bad as seeing a 2 year old child appear as if he were only 6 months old.

Just take a moment and imagine if a child close to you looked like that – all due to something as simple as the deficiency of a nutrient which wasn’t letting him grow and develop normally. Would you let that happen to your child? Would you let something destroy his/her health when you could prevent it or treat it fairly easily? Of course you wouldn’t.

Not only children, but even adults can go unnoticed. That’s why this deficiency has most rightly been called a ‘silent epidemic’ by many people. We must fight this battle together.

Avoid Permanent Nerve and Brain Damage

Vitamin B12 is also required for the normal functioning of the nervous system because it is essential for the synthesis and repair of a protective sheath wrapped around every nerve fibre in your body – the myelin sheath.

Without this layer, the nerves cannot transmit their impulses and if they stay completely stripped off of the myelin sheath, they eventually die. I have personally suffered from that for a long time, and gosh – I know how it feels. Treat it quickly, nervous damage can be irreversible. And you certainly don’t want your brain shrunk.

Get Your Happiness and Energy Back

B12 is involved in the metabolism of a chemical called “Homocysteine,” a substance that is associated with depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and non-specific mood disorders. This book will help you quickly recover from that depression.

Vitamin B12 is also involved in the conversion of carbohydrates and fats into energy. Without it, these substances cannot be utilized well and you won’t be getting the energy you wish to derive from the food you eat. So remember, all that yummy food won’t be of any benefit if there isn’t enough B12 in your body. Many B12 deficient people who found out they had a deficiency quickly boosted up their energy levels to the sky once they treated it with the right means. Learn why and how you can do it yourself.

Don’t Lose Your Eyesight

Anything that affects the eye can travel up the brain directly and vice versa. In addition, it’s just a nerve – meaning low B12 levels could strip it off of its protective sheath.

That would mess up your vision and in fairly advanced stages, could lead to something called tunnel vision. In this condition, you will only see what’s right in front of you, not what’s on the sides, as if you were looking through a tunnel.

Keep a Healthy Hormonal Balance and Delay Aging

Without B12’s stabilizing effect on your cell membranes, most of your hormones will just float around in your blood till they’re excreted.

If your B12 levels are low before you approach old age, you might even get Alzheimer’s or memory loss before the expected age – something called ‘early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

A few years ago, the National Institute of Aging funded a study conducted by Dr. Christine C. Tangney in which 121 people from Chicago who were 65 years or older were included. B12 tests as well as mental functions were assessed in the beginning. Approximately 4.5 years later, MRI scans of their brains were carried out in addition to testing the markers of B12 deficiency.

It was found that those who had 4 or 5 markers of vitamin B12 deficiency had lower scores on mental function tests (such as cognitive skills, memory, etc). The MRI scans showed that those who were deficient also had lower brain volume as compared to their normal counterparts.

Better Concentration and Memory

Help yourself easily pass exams and entertain your friends by coming up with these happy memories from childhood. Seriously, vitamin B12 has a major role when it comes to concentration, memory and brain abilities.

Protect Your Child’s Development

Adults have large stores of B12 in their liver and it generally takes about 7 years on average for signs of B12 deficiency to appear in them. However, children do not have the same amounts of stored B12 and therefore, their symptoms will appear sooner than they do in adults.

Your nervous system is not well-developed when you’re born. Maximum development of the nervous system happens in the first few years of life and any problems in this time period leave a PERMANENT deficit in the child.

Make Your Friends and Family Sincerely Thank You

Help them out with your new knowledge. It’s such a valuable asset to have. A huge portion in the world’s population is having a B12 deficiency today, there’s a pretty good chance some of your friends belong to that group.

When I excitedly told a few of my friends about the book launch that I have been secretly working on for months, I was absolutely shocked to know that a very big percentage of them actually had a deficiency but never told me.

Impress Your Doctor

Every claim is backed-up by legit scientific research. If you feel doubtful about something that’s been stated – you can look up its associated reference at the end of its chapter. We carefully examined each and every one of these studies and make sure it’s statistically strong, and not some junk science. Your health is of top priority for us.

By the way, there’s plenty of mind-blowing information for doctors and other professional health practitioners. Doctors don’t study the stuff inside the book. They know how to treat symptoms, not cure diseases. It’s time to unveil the truth behind this ‘wonder vitamin’. Your doc will thank you a thousand times.

Save Money and Time

Not buying this book can actually cost you WAY more than not buying it. Can you afford the costly price of the unnecessary and complex medical procedures that some doctors prescribe?

Our book will teach you everything you need to know.

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