Vitamin B12 Injections Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and More. Should You Take These Shots?

By Regev Elya and Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar, author of The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook.

Feeling tired, weak or stressed? Perhaps already diagnosed with a B12 deficiency? Either way, I’m here to help you refill your B12 stores as quickly and safely as possible. I know you’re worried about your health, and you have a good reason for it. Because a B12 deficiency left untreated can cause a permanent impairment on your health.

Warning: B12 Shots Can Save Your Health

Vitamin B12 Injections

If you’ve read our book, you already know how brutal a B12 deficiency can be. If fatigue, weakness or lack of energy are the only things you’re feeling right now, you should be thankful. If left untreated for a long time, a deficiency may stick you to a wheelchair and frustrate your whole family. Even cause death in some extreme cases.

I’ll be straight with you: The health care system might really mess up your body. Because of big greedy industries, doctors are left so shamefully uneducated about nutrition that I’m in both shock and disbelief whenever I get an email from a reader that got his deficiency only worse by his doctors.

But have no worries, brothers and sisters! I’m back to Israel now after a journey to observe the world’s oldest living people in the Caucasus mountains and I have the time now to help you get your good old healthy energy levels back. How are we gonna do that? Ladies and gentlemen, embrace the magic of the great B12 methylcobalamin injections.

a self-shot picture I took in Mount Shkara on the Caucasus. a whole post on the health of their centenarians coming soon.
a picture I took in Mount Shkara on the Caucasus. the health of their people is outstanding.

Vitamin B12 Injections Benefits

Vitamin B12 (aka cobalamin) is a water soluble vitamin naturally produced by a gut bacteria that feeds on the cobalt of the soil (hence the name ‘cobalamin’). If deficiency symptoms show up, check out for parasites that might be competing for your B12 in your body, and for toxins that might be destroying it, such as cyanide in cigarettes. These are far easier to treat than improper absorption, which brings us to the number one of all b12 shots benefits:

The Most Effective Supplement to Fill Your B12 Levels

Many people don’t understand why they are deficient if they eat enough B12. What they don’t know  is that a huge part of the population actually has absorption issues, especially in an older age. When you can’t absorb B12 properly – it usually means your body can’t release enough B12 from the stomach to the bloodstream. That’s why food or oral B12 supplements don’t work effectively for people with problematic absorption.

That’s where B12 shots helps us tremendously. These injections basically lets you ‘skip’ that problem and inject B12 directly to the bloodstream. They’re the most effective form of B12. But wait, that’s not all. There are two popular kinds of B12 and Methylcobalamin is the one you want to use. It’s the natural, bioavailable and most active form of B12 that is actually absorbed by the body.

That’s why Methylcobalamin B12 shots are so powerful. Do yourself a favor and stay away from other forms – they’re either much more expensive and just as effective – or much cheaper but totally ineffective (such as Cyanocobalamin). To get the maximum benefits of vitamin B12 injections – Methylcobalamin is the undisputed king.

Vitamin B12 Shots
My kit of vitamin B12 injectable shots. Wanna get your energy back?

If you’re deficient in B12, you can expect methylcobalamin shots to do wonders for your body and experience the following B12 benefits as your B12 levels quickly gets back to a healthy range:

Get Your ENERGY Back and Feel Like a King

This vitamin is involved in the conversion of fats and carbs into energy units and is known for it’s near-magic effects of boosting our metabolism. That’s why such a huge amount of people report feeling so energized after refilling their B12 stores.

This is probably the most famous benefit of B12 shots. Lots of hollywood celebrities are known to use it for this specific particular purpose and report great energy levels. You’ll most definitely feel that energy boost almost instantly if your B12 levels are low and you start using injections. Drop me an email and tell me how it feels 😉

 Avoid Permanent Nerve Damage

I really hate to be the one to scare you but a long-enough B12 deficiency left untreated can cause some serious permanent damage to your nerve cells. That’s why I urge you to take care of your deficiency as quickly as possible, before this kind of damage appears.

Vitamin B12 is required for the synthesis and repair of Myelin, a protective layer wrapped around every nerve fibre in our human body. Without this layer, the nerves can not transmit their impulses and that’s how the permanent nerve and brain damage occurs. That’s why so many people experience nervous-system related symptoms such as tinglings in their body and other abnormal sensations. Again, this damage can be irreversible if left untreated. Act fast.

Feel Stronger, Healthier and Sexier

At my peak :)
At my energy peak

Cell membranes is something that surrounds each and every single cell of your human body. Vitamin B12 has a stabilizing effect on your cell membranes and will prevent your hormones from just floating around in your bloodstream until excreted.

You see, hormones can not do what they’re supposed to do unless they can enter the cells of your body, and they can’t do it unless your cell membranes are healthy. When your hormones are optimized, you’ll feel better, stronger and happier. One “warning” though, your sexual drive is very likely to increase 😉 Thank me later.

Age Slower and Have The Mental Skills of a Chess Champion

There’s a famous study you may have heard of a few years ago. It was conducted by Dr. Christine C. Tangney of the National Institute of Aging and observed 121 people from Chicago who were all 65 years old or older. The researchers assesed their B12 levels and mental functions at the beginning of the study and at the end. Interestingly, 4.5 years later MRI scans of their brains were taken as well as B12 deficiency markers testing.

They found out that the closer one was to a B12 deficiency – the lower his or her scores on the mental function tests – memory, concentration, cognitive skills, etc. The study also showed, through the MRI scans, that those who were deficient in B12 actually had a lower brain volume than their counterparts. Could you believe that? a B12 deficiency can actually cause your brain to physically shrink.


If you’re heavily deficient in B12, you’ll find yourself better concentrated and focused, and your memory skills will improve back to their normal levels. You’ll age slower and lower your risk of Alzheimer and other mind-degenerative diseases.

Low levels of B12 increases your ‘Homocysteine’, a substance that is well known to be associated with many mental conditions – depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, mood disorders as well as all other types of cancers. It might only be a link, but better be safe than sorry. Keep your B12 levels above 550 and you should be safe.

Treat or Prevent Anemia

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an anemic child, but it’s a very sad view. Vitamin B12 reacts with folate into a form that the body uses to create red blood cells, the tiny disc-shaped cells which carry oxygen to every little corner of your body. Without B12, your body simply can’t create red blood cells and you get anemia.

Lose Fat and Look Good: Vitamin B12 Injections For Weight Loss?

B12 shots can help you lose weight if you're deficient.
B12 shots can help you lose weight if you’re deficient.

More and more people every day turn to these injections as a weight loss solution. Truth is, they will help you lose weight and fat only if you are deficient in B12.

As i’ve said before, B12 speeds up your metabolism and besides giving you more energy and making you more likely to work out, faster metabolism means more calories spent even during sleep!

If you want to lose weight, ignore the tendency to look for quick and easy solutions, but rather adopt yourself a healthier diet and some exercising habits. If you’re one of these “I don’t have time for that” kind of guys, ask yourself if you’d rather spend that time visiting your doctor, taking medicines, and doing surgeries when you get older.

So no, there’s no reason to get these shots if your B12 levels are normal. If they are not, and especially if you have absorption issues as many other people do – these shots are a godsend and can definitely help you get that metabolism-boost which will aid in weight loss, since again – injections go directly to the bloodstream and will allow you to ‘bypass’ the absorption issue. Embrace science, marketing propaganda be damned.

Protect Your Child From Developmental Problems

We adults usually have large stores of vitamin B12 in our kidneys, liver and muscles. It can take quite a while for someone to develop a deficiency, even on a fully vegetarian (vegan) diet. Children, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury and their symptoms will appear much sooner than they appear in adults.

Remember that your child’s nervous system is not fully-developed yet when he’s just born – and any problem or advanced deficiency can leave a permanent footprint on the child’s nerves and brain. This is not a joke, please take care of your childs carefully and check them periodically for any deficit.

Save Your Time and Money

If you’re deficient in B12 – supplementing with injections can save you a huge amount of money and time long term, taking into consideration the potential medical costs of an advanced deficiency. You know how expensive medical procedures can get, both in terms of time and especially money.

We should really be thankful that we have the luxury of buying them. B12 shots weren’t available not too long ago and people had to get into some serious complications if their body couldn’t absorb B12 properly.

Where to Buy Vitamin B12 Injections Online for a Reasonable Price?

Update 2015: Due to regulations, It is no longer possible to sell B12 shots online. 

Buy Vitamin B12 InjectionsIf you’re looking to buy vitamin b12 shots for sale, look no further than TrimNutrition. They have the best price I’ve seen so far, and they get plenty of positive responses and reviews. Although I have not  experienced with them on my own,I’d definitely buy a kit from them had I needed one.

TrimNutrition gives you two possible forms of B12. I highly recommend going for Methylcobalamin shots as I already mentioned. Methylcobalamin is the most active form of B12 and is present naturally in the human body, making it the most readily absorbable form of B12. It is much, much more effective than Cyanocobalamin.

I did eventually get a kit of injections from them, and I must say – their product screams quality. They paid attention even to the little details like their syringes (they use non-toxic sterile Henry Schein syringes) and their instructions are very clear. Trim has been in business for more than 10 years and have a very good reputation, they definitely know what they’re doing.

My kit of vitamin b 12 shots from Trim Nutrition.
My kit of vitamin b 12 shots from Trim Nutrition.

Are They Safe?

You should have some peace of mind knowing that their products are made in the USA and follow stringent pharmacy regulations. Their shots are produced in ‘Nutrex Phramacy’ in Florida which basically means top quality materials and a strictly regulated environment. This is not some mass-produce from China and I guess the thousands of customer’s proven results and successes speak for themselves.

My TrimNutrition kit. You can really feel how regulated the product is.
My TrimNutrition kit. You can really feel how regulated the product is.

I’ve researched a little bit and found out that all their products and formulas are doctor formulated and tested prior to production. My kit also has two stamps on it – “Inspected by Niko” and “Inspected by Seth” so you can see how careful they are about our health.

B12 shots by Trim Nutrition
I was very impressed by the quality of this solid product.

Interesting to mention – the B12 shot is a beautiful pink liquid. If that’s your kids who are deficient – tell them that this ‘pink juice’ can actually enhance their mood and energy and make them feel like The Hulk – it’s funny to see their facial expression and can make it easier to convince them towards it.

We took this photo yesterday. He came back from School and was very curious by that pink liquid.
We took this photo yesterday. He came back from School and was very curious by that pink liquid.

Thousands of People Owe Their Health to Vitamin B12 Injections

I was strolling the internet trying to look for more reviews and testimonials about TrimNutrition’s shots to see what other people who have used the product are writing about it. I was pretty surprised to find an insane amount of positive success stories and good words. Take a look at some of them –

sblake7 TrimNutrition b12 injections review

Brandon's TRIM injections review


How Do I Know How to Inject Myself? Are They Easy to Use?

I was worried about it too but every sold kit of injections include very clear instructions that make the whole procedure fairly easy for everyone to perform. Many other people have easily learned it, and after that it becomes second nature.

Trim Nutrition's B12 injections' instructions, back and front. It's really easy and intuitive.
Trim Nutrition’s B12 injections’ instructions, back and front. It’s really easy and intuitive.

Vitamin B12 Injection Dosage

Do not stress too much of an over B12 shots dosage. Your body stores up this vitamin for future usage and pisses away any excess amount. This is not to say that you can inject an unlimited amount of B12 into your blood, but to just calm you down as doctors usually do a decent job with them, and the difference in dose between doctors is meaningless in the long run. The number one goal right now is to get you out of your deficiency.

The vitamin B12 injections dosage differs from person to person, and is a function of the person’s age and mainly the deficiency levels, but will usually start with a daily dosage of a very few thousand MICROgrams, and will be reduced to weekly and then monthly as the B12 levels go up back to normal.

If you buy the recommended TrimNutrition methylcobalamin kit, you don’t have to worry about it. Their instructions recommend one to two shots a week. Each shot is gets you 10,000 mcg, and that should fill up your B12 stores pretty quickly. Practically speaking, you’d have to eat 2,000 steaks to get the same amount of one shot!

trimnutrition b12 shots
Each shot gives you the amount of B12 you’d get out of 2,000 steaks!

Vitamin B12 Injections Side Effects

Medicines usually have lots of side effects, but this is not a medicine. It’s a nutritional supplement, so side effects are much less likely to appear. Even though these injections are not painful, some side effects have been reported, although rarely:

  • Mild diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Headaches.
  • Difficulty breathing and/or swallowing.
  • Pain at the area of injection.
  • Light joint pain.
  • Red skin.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Tingling in the extremities.
  • Weight change.
  • Chest pain and/or heart palpitations, although quite rare.

There are other less common side effects as well. If you experience anything unusual while taking injections, immediately consult your doctor of course.

Remember that there’s no toxic level with B12 as your body excretes any amount it can’t use through urine. All in all, there’s really no downsides or a practical risk of trying these injections and I recommend you to give them a shot (pun intended) for a few weeks to see if they help, especially if you’re having problems with the absorption of B12 or if you’re vegan.

Are They Painful?

Not really. I’ve used this exact kind of syringes before for other medical purposes and they never hurt too much, at least not for me. I’ve also interviewed a friend of my father who was also deficient in B12 – and he told me he got used to these shots after a few times.

TrimNutrition B12 injections review

Why Are They More Expensive Than Cyanocobalamin Shots?

Like me, you might be tempted to buy the cheaper Cyanocobalamin shots, but as I mentioned – they are not nearly as effective as Methylcobalamin. You get what you pay for – the production cost of natural Methylcobalamin is higher than synthetic Cyanocobalamin.

When I started thinking about it rationally, it makes sense that the time and money saved from buying these injections actually make Methylcobalamin a no-brainer. Think about it – you could spend thousands of dollars later on doctors and complicated medical procedures if your deficiency gets worse, so solve it now for whatever these injections cost.

Besides, Trim sells it for a really good price if you buy the big Trim B12 MAX 10,000mcg version.

~ It’s no longer possible to sell B12 shots online ~

Contrary to other supplements, Methylcobalamin shots deliver results and is as reliable as God’s sunrise Period.

TrimNutrition review

Is There an Expiration Date on These Shots?

My TrimNutrition box says the vial has a 4 month expiration, and that’s exactly the time you need to finish the vial’s content under the twice-a-week recommended use. You also have to store it in a cool, dark place.

* Time is Crucial *

If your blood tests found you to be deficient in B12, do yourself a favor and don’t spend anymore time. Especially if your levels are very low – you need to act ASAP before your nerves get completely stripped off their myelin sheath and permanent irreversible damage occurs. Your health is your only asset. Act now and buy these shots before their supply exhausts.

B12 deficiency is now a worldwide epidemic we must fight together.

To buy Methylcobalamin vitamin B12 injections from TrimNutrition, use the contact form to the right. It’s no longer possible to sell these shots online so you’ll have to call them directly if you want to buy them. It’s a solid product and I highly recommend it.

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health”.  ~ George William Curtis.

PS – I’d really appreciate it if you send me a message or a comment once you’ve seen the results and your B12 levels are back to normal. It makes me really happy each time I read those mails.

hanseric trim shots review

Who Else Wants Vitamin B12 Shots?

I’d absolutely love to hear about your experiences with them and I want to create a vibrant discussion here, full of experiences and thoughts from different people, to all the people still not sure whether they should get them or not. If you have any question, do not hesitate to use the comment box below. I give you my sincere promise to answer each and every one of your questions.

I talk about the subject in much greater detail in our book “The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook”. Check it out if you want to take your deficiency more seriously.


  1. Amee says

    Howdy! I was recommended your article when I searched for opinions regarding supplements. I find it useful so I placed a bookmark as “Vitamin B12 Injections | FreshBeetle” and sent it to a colleague who is a clinic. She had some excellent opinions concerning supplements as well, so I wonder if you have an opinion. I still doubt the positive effects and potential problems. kisses Amee

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Amee,

      I’m really happy that you found this article useful! I’d love to hear your colleague’s concerns and answer them adequately. Are you talking about vitamin b12 injections side effects and the risks of taking b12 shots or..? You’ll have to be more specific.

      Cheers, Regev.

      • Brooks says

        One, why do you push a specific “website” that now must sell direct? Just as any vitamin supplement, they have countless companies producing a natural supplement under 3rd party testing to certify their quality level. If you we’re advising to choose a supplier who does undergo these quality control test over the majority who do not I would applaud and understand your primary objective.
        Also, you state also of the effects you experienced before later stating you’ve never tried their product due to the lack of needing it. Then move back to how easy it is to shoot up and how their products pigment goes over well when admits interning to a child.

        My concerns are where is eve one accredited physician who publicly supports your statements? You should check out omega3 and vitamin D3, you can buy them anywhere”no money in it” but you won’t have change your article immediately after it was posted due to it not being legal any longer.

        Sorry for being a dick but I wanted to give you the first look at. Y response vote posting it in a general forum.

        I did notice your quick response to the comment in which I’m replying to and wanted to know if it would be the better part if a year before your respond as it did this one.

        If so, don’t count on my resources either. When you stated you respond to each and every comment it would be better if you did within a day if not a week from receiving it.

        A month would be unprofessional yet understandable.


  2. supermat says

    I was recently at the doctor and he said, among other things, that I am being manipulated, etc., and later when I asked him about the B12 he said that the tablets are not absorbed and it does not make sense of taking it. Now I don’t know what to do. The pharmacy where I was have only one type of this vitamin and it is very expensive so I wonder if there is any point of buying.

    • Regev Elya says

      Hi supermat,

      Did you check whether the reason for your deficiency is a lack of ability to absorb it properly? Your doctor is right about the tablets, as long as you experience difficulties absorbing the vitamin.

      There are a few common possible reasons for a deficiency, which vary from parasites competing for your B12 stores, toxins that are actually destroying your stores, and an improper absorption of B12, which is actually the only real case where vitamin B12 injections makes more sense, since your body experiences a hard time absorbing any oral sources of this vitamin.

      I’d say a vital thing for you is to realize what causes your deficiency. Treatment would be easier with that knowledge.

  3. Neetu Gupta says


    i recently went for a healthcheckup &was found that my vit b12 level was 105.All other parameters are normal. The doc. recommended hydrxocobalamin shots 1000mcg everyday for a week followed by once a week for a monthand thereafter once a month.After taking these shots for a week ,i started having an upset tummy for no reason .I consulted the doc . who said that it could’nt be side effect of b12 bcoz it,s been a week that you have been taking it and it should have appeared immediately. I am also short of breath when i exercise these days.Can you analyse this and answer.Do the side effects appear immediately or could appear after a week or later?


    • Regev Elya says

      Hi Neetu,

      First of all – did your doctor tell you anything about the cause of your deficiency? Too many doctors ignore that part today and somewhat automatically prescribe a series of vitamin B12 shots to the patient. This is not always smart, as many of these times the cause of the deficiency does not have anything to do with something that requires injections.

      For example, if you have toxins inside your body that destroys some of your B12 or some parasites that compete with your body over it, then any B12 injection dosage would be merely treating the symptoms. You’d want to treat the disease as well, so the deficiency does not ‘come back’ after a while of being finished with the injections. I really recommend you to demand that little checkup from your doctor, it will be far easier to help you with that information.

      Now, regarding your concerns – upset tummy and shortness of breath are well known potential side effects of B12 injections. Remember that our body is a very complex system whose internal biochemical patterns are all dependent on each other. It’s possible to experience the side effects of almost any medical treatment after a while with that treatment, as the beginning point was different that the current point, biochemically-wise. I hope It’s clear. If not, don’t hesitate to ask again.

      Unfortunately, I can not analyze and give you any answer that I’m sure about. First of all, I’m not a doctor and I don’t have any medical equipment. Secondly, there’s no way that such a complicated analysis can be done over the internet, I strongly recommend you to get back to your doctor and tell him to CHECK the cause of the deficiency. After that, there’s a good possibility that you won’t even need these B12 injections.

      Hope that’s helpful,

  4. Sapp says

    Anyone knows how to get cheap vitamin B12 injections for sale ? I prefer doing them myself instead of the hassle of going to a doctor. Thanks ppl !

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Sapp,

      You can easily get plenty of vitamin B12 injections online (vials + needles) if you’re willing to do it at home. I have never experienced with any of these though, although it doesn’t seem like there are any harmful potential complications. I’m aware of the price in some countries, so check out TrimNutrition for some B12 Methylcobalamin shots. They have a good price (per ML).

      Please, and I’m not saying that just because I have to – consult with a professional before you do it. Even just a phone call to your local medical center.

      Hope it goes well,

      • Katu says

        Hi Regev,

        I love your article. I have never had Vitamin b12 shots before…. I recently had a blood done and it seems that my neutriophil is low, mch, mcv, lymphocyte are high. As far as what I can’t figure out is that I am low on folate and Vit b12.

        I have been drinking a lot of ASEA…. I had gone through chemotherapy twice within 9 years apart. Radiation, surgery, and tamoxifin for 5 years.. I am finally paying attention to my health……

        Please advice…

        thank you!

        • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

          Hi Katu!
          My advice to you is to begin taking folate as well as B12 supplementation as soon as possible and continue it after that. You have had chemotherapy which itself can makes you more prone to develop a deficiency of these vitamins as well as causing megaloblastic anaemia itself. It’s good that you’re paying attention to your health now. From what you’ve told us, it’s obvious that you need to make very healthy choices when it comes to what you eat and how you live. Some general advice includes the old but golden rules : Consume adequate amounts of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, etc. If there’s anything else I can help you out with, let me know!

  5. Jonathan says

    I had a vit B12 injection yesterday, didn’t feel anything spectacular. I guess the potential side effects don’t apply for me 😉

      • Regev Elya says

        I did not include a specific number about the b-12 injection dose since in my experience – seems like it varies greatly in the thousands range. Doses are really dependent on many different variables – ranging from the age of patient to the specific doctor’s own experience.

  6. Romy says

    Sounds to me like the main group of people who might ‘enjoy’ these vitamin b shots benefits are people who can’t actually absorb it from any other source. Other than absorption rate and these remedies thingie you mentioned, I can’t see a reason to go for injections when you can achieve the same results using whole B12 rich foods.

    And thanks for the article, good stuff there.

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Romy,

      Anyone who follows this website long enough knows that I’ll favor whole foods over artificial products any day, but you’re right. The main group of people who b12 shot benefits apply to are those who have problems absorbing this vitamin. Given the fact that these injections go directly to the bloodstream, it is really the most effective way to fill these deficiencies.

  7. Omar Joseph says

    Hi there,
    so what about those bodybuilders, do you think injectable B12 vitamin shots are more effective than taking it as a tablet? since it will absorbed better ?

    • Regev Elya says

      I’m not sure I understand your question, Omar. I can’t see how bodybuilders fit the subject, but what I meant is that people with absorption issues may be better of with vit B12 injections, since that way, the vitamin is given directly to the blood stream and ‘bypasses’ the intrinsic factor in the stomach, which is necessary for a proper absorption of B12.

  8. Maily Rose says

    I had a nummbness in my leg and back for week after I saw a doc he give me an B12 injection with out doing any test the nummbess was better for a week now it came back do you think I have other problems or its just B12 Deficiency

    • Regev Elya says

      Not sure I understand your question. Are you worried about B12 shots side effects, or…? Anyway, I can’t really give you any reliable diagnosis over the internet. You’ll have to see a professional healthcare practitioner and make sure you test for a deficiency. Just keep in mind that many people experience a deficiency even though their B12 levels show as completely normal. Aqsa discusses that point in our new book, where she recommends healthcare systems to double the required minimum B12 blood-levels released to the public.

    • Publius Hamilton says

      Maily, I just went to my physician yesterday for ongoing numbness and tingling in my feet and among the several lab tests he ordered were my b-12 levels. I’m now very interested in the results. I’ve been concerned about neuropathy and would be interested to learn more about it and any links to b-12 deficiencies. I learned from Regev’s post that b-12 does in fact help with the myelin sheathing on nerves. There is a lot to research on this, so I will use a bad pun and the words of Sherlock Holmes to say, “The game is a-foot”! :)

  9. Vanessa says

    Thank you for the enlightening info. My interest in Vit B12 stems from the fact that I take Glucophage for my Diabetic condition. As you probably know , this medication depletes your B 12. My Question: How much does the body need to maintain balance ? I take vitamin Supplement and get a vitamine B12 injection once a month, Is this enough? The supplement has a Vit B12 , 25mg daily, what does this measurement mean compared to the 1ml in an injection.

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Vanessa,

      I’m well aware of situations where diabetes medications interfere with B12 stores, and it iis a big problem today. I’d say you (or anyone) need much more than the recommended amount actually, and I’d also say that proper methylcobalamin shots should cover you (if those are the ones you’re taking). Make sure they are not cyanocobalamin shots (the cheapest ones, healthcare systems tend to give them) since they are not nearly as effective.

      If you could tell me more about the levels in your blood, I’d be able to be more helpful.

  10. Debra says

    Considering the fact that there are zero vitamin B12 side effects, I think more people should supplement their diets with this nutrient, just in case. As far as I know, waaaaaay too many ppl are deficient in our society here in the U.S.

    What do you think about B12 shots for weight loss and ‘toning’ your body?


    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Debra,

      You might have missed it, but inside this article there’s a nice little section specifically regarding the relation of B12 to weight loss.

      If there’s any more specific question, do not hesitate to ask.

  11. Aparna Bakshi says

    I am on Metformin 2000mg daily.My recent blood test showed I am B 12 deficient and my GP gave me a shot of B12 day before yesterday. I am having diarrhoea and stomach cramp since this morning. I was not warned of any side effect. I have been told I will have to take this injection 3-6 monthly as this is the current policy in Harrow (u.k.). The doctor said I will probably continue to have this condition as I am not ” eating properly”. Only by reading this page I realised it is the Metformin.Should I accept GP’s answer?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi there Aparna!

      Your GP might be correct if you’re a vegetarian, aren’t taking in enough of animal products, etc. However, the medication Metformin itself causes a state of B12 deficiency which is why you should increase your daily intake or get regular B12 shots. Hope you’re doing better now! We’re sorry for replying this late – things were a little hectic on our side.

  12. Sarah says

    Hello thanks for posting this. I dont eat red meat and i have gastro paresis so i have trouble absorbing vitamin b. i had the b12 shot done yesterday for the second time. The first time i had no prob. However i think this second time is giving me too much energy. I tried to go to bed at midnight…its 5:30am and i havent been able to get a ounce of sleep. I do wonder if it’s the shot or not. Should i call my doctor?

    • Regev Elya says

      We’ve already stated the importance of not mixing correlation with causation in some of the comments above. I’ve never, ever, heard of such an issue with B-12 injections and can not give you an accurate opinion, definitely not over the internet. I’d call a doctor if that continues.

  13. Sarah says

    It might help to let you know my dad passed away a month ago suddendly so that might have to do with it because im also having nightmares. However that one nite was the only nite it took me so long to fall asleep. I will call my dr tomorrow.

    “mixing correlation with causation” can you explain this? Thanks

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Sarah,

      I’m very sorry to hear about your dad. Be strong.

      Mixing correlation with causation is easy to explain. Let’s say you have fasted for a few hours – to take a vitamin B12 injection. Fifteen minutes after the injection – you start to feel really hungry. The injection was correlated with the wave of hunger – it most probably didn’t cause it. It would be safe to assume that the lack of food for the last few hours was the cause for that, even though one would have the natural tendency to believe now that b 12 injections cause hunger.

  14. Hitesh says

    I have taken 5 injections for Vit b12 as advised by the doctor based on the blood reports indicating low Vit B12. But I still get a severe heaviness in head ( as if something is gripping my brain ) and fatigue symptoms. Even some joint pains. Please let me know in how many days we can see some improvements after taking these injections. I am also low of Vit D3 and calcium with other problems like reflux esophagitus, hiatus hernia and gastritis. Even my heart starts beating fast if I get little angry. Please guide.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Hitesh!

      I’m sorry to hear about your condition. How are you feeling now? Have you actually been diagnosed with all those problems? If yes, you should be on certain medications such as Vitamin D and calcium supplements, proton pump inhibitors (medications that reduce acidity), etc. The treatment for hiatus hernia is usually conservative unless it is causing extreme discomfort (in which case surgery is opted for – this isn’t that common though). You need to visit a good gastroenterologist apart from continuing your B12 shots. Your dosage might need to be increased but I think you’re experiencing the fatigue, etc due to the other conditions that you have. Your doctor has probably reviewed your blood reports and is giving you the right dosage according to the severity of your condition. An increase in energy is noted with the first few injections and improvement is seen gradually depending upon the severity of the deficiency, etc. Please don’t delay another visit to your doctor to discuss the rest of your conditions and get treated for them. Hope this helps!

    • Chrissy says

      For some people taking B12 is dangerous. My blood tests showed I was severely deficient in B12. I had 5 shots at the doctors over two weeks. Immediately after the last shot I suffered severe reactions. 5 months later I am still suffering severe hives, hot flushes, night sweats, bladder problems, blurred vision, chronic insomnia to name a few. I obviously reacted to these supposed healthy vitamin shots. Wish I never was given the blood test. Felt fine before. Not even tired. So it is not the elixir of life for everyone.

  15. Jef Qliv says

    Hi Regev,
    You mention cyano (the poorest) and methyl cobalamin, but not hydroxy cobalamin, which I was informed by Belgian ME/CFS specialist is optimal. What can you add?
    Thanks for a good thread!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Jef !

      Thank you for the appreciation! Yes, Hydroxycobalamin is an excellent form of Vitamin B12. However, the other two mentioned are the commoner ones. Moreover, hydroxycobalamin is a rather expensive form and we just wanted to stress over the fact that methylcobalamin should be preferred over the cyanocobalamin form (since its more easily absorbed and is cheaper than the other alternative, hydroxycobalamin). We’ll be updating this article soon and we’ll definitely add this in.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Vergie!

      Well there are two main parasites that cause B12 deficiency – Giardia and the fish tapeworm. The former is acquired via the feco-oral route and the latter is acquired by eating infected fish. Tests to diagnose an infestation with these parasites usually require stool tests. If diagnosis can’t be made by this simple test, other more complicated tests may be required (for example, testing for antibodies, etc).

      • Rita says

        I have MCTD RA and other autoimmune issue also OSA GERD and recently muscle spasms and heart pounding with other sx too numerous and transient to mention After a recent visit at an urgent treatment center i was told i needed B12 I have been on some pretty potent med such as Humira, Methylprednisolone, Methatrexate Metopolol also Omeprazole and Fosamax. I do take folic acid and D3 Will i be able to get benefit fr B12 while taking all this other stuff? And Will it affect the potency of my meds? Thanks

        • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

          Hi Rita!
          You should begin the B12 supplementation a.s.a.p because some of the drugs you’re taking actually lower B12 levels. There efficacy won’t be effected by B12. However, longterm usage of drugs such as omeprazole, etc does lower B12 levels and can cause B12 anemia, nerve damage, gastrointestinal problems, etc. You will definitely be able to get the desired ‘benefits’ of B12 even when you’re taking these meds. As a matter of fact, you need regular supplementation with this vitamin because of your present condition. Don’t worry, it’s safe to use. Hope this helps! :)

  16. Sahil says

    HI RECENTLY I TESTED MY B12 ,its 106 i am vegetarian and used to take alcohol everyday for years
    plz suggest do need to take b12 injection

    thanks alot for this wonderfull article on b12.

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Sahil, thanks for the warm words.

      As I’ve already stated, the decision on whether to go through a vitamin b12 shot series is not only a matter of being deficient or not – but also a question of what the source of deficiency is. There are other ways to treat a deficiency, and the biggest of benefits of b12 injections is their direct way to your bloodstream, which is a godsend to people with absorption issues.

  17. Charlie says

    Just had my 1st of 4 well planed vitb12 shots plus folic acid tablets had major cramps in my arm after the shot but nothing else slight nausea perhaps, but still dog tired when Is the energy gonna kick in? Fed up of being run down. Ps I have had every blood test taken except pregnancy!!! I’m not pregnant and can rule out parasites, alcohol, coliac decease etc, I am b12 deficient and b9 hence injections and folic acid.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Charlie!

      The muscle cramps and nausea are due to the B12 injections but these symptoms will resolve with further injections. The energy boost is supposed to kick in during the first few B12 shots but you might be tired due to being anaemic. B12 and Folic Acid play a role in your metabolism as well as the formation of red blood cells. The anemia will correct itself gradually too, the exact time required depends on the degree of the anaemia. So as soon your red blood cells indices are back to normal, you’ll notice that you’re feeling better. This change won’t be as sudden as the energy boost since the red blood cell indices will normalise slowly and you might not notice the energy change at all for a while!

  18. Joe Burro says

    I’ve been told conflicting info about how to determine B12 deficiency. Some doctors say measuring your homocysteine levels and methylmalonic levels is best, others say measuring B12 levels in your blood, or measuring your red blood cell count, or testing for pernicious anemia. Please advise which is best and what levels are indicative of deficiency.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Joe!

      Well first of all, that’s not conflicting information. Those are all various methods of testing for the deficiency. First, deficiency of B12 needs to be diagnosed which can be done by measuring serum B12 levels, serum Methylmalonic Acid levels or Urine Methylmalonic Acid levels (the urinary MMA test is the most specific and sensitive one and should be the preferred method for testing this deficiency). Next, the cause of the deficiency is to be diagnosed which should include testing for Pernicious Anaemia.
      When it comes to what levels are necessary for diagnosis of B12 deficiency, different labs have different ranges. Most labs have defined levels of B12 less than 150-200 pg/ml to signify a deficiency. However, quite a lot of patients have been noted to have symptoms of this deficiency even when their B12 levels are apparently normal. This means that the lower limit for B12 levels is too low and we have to redefine it. I prefer the values given by Pacholok & Stuart in their book ‘Could it be B12?’ According to them, the following values should be adopted to prevent under treatment of this condition:
      Normal B12 status: >550 pg/ml
      Deficient in B12: <550 pg/ml
      Adequate to maintain a healthy nervous system and to prevent disease in elderly individuals: 1000 pg/ml

      In case your lab results show that your B12 levels are within the normal range set by that lab but you continue to experience symptoms of the deficiency, you should get B12 supplementation. I hope this answered your query!

  19. Kerri Lawler says

    I had a gastric bypass in 2003 and was forwarned that I would always need to take B12 shots. I take them once a month and was 1 ml, but I have upped it to 1.5 or 2 ml. I just watched an episode of Dr. Oz with Montel Williams. He was saying he does a daily injection of B12. Would this be a good thing or could you risk over medicating? I still have issues with fatigue and other things. I am curious if I should do them daily. On Dr Oz they were giving the injection is fatty tissue and I was told in the muscle. I use an inch long 25g needle.

    I saw where someone was wondering how to get them to do at home. You can get a prescription from your doctor and some pharmacy’s require a script for the needles, but most don’t.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Kerri!

      There’s no harm in getting the shots daily. However, if you usually experience mild side effects with these injections, their frequency could increase with the daily shots (decreasing gradually as you continue).
      You can inject into either muscle or fat, both being favoured by different health professionals. Fat present in different areas of the body behaves differently. According to research, the fat in the buttocks region is the best for B12 injections since it’s not as vascular as the rest of the fat in the body and therefore, delivers B12 slowly due to which its excretion in the urine is minimised. Muscular injections in the arms or thigh are used too – you can use either technique.

  20. Henrique Mai says

    I was taking 1 pill of B12 a day, after the 4th day I notice that I had to run to the bathroom more often for both outputs. I had ask the Dr for a shot and she gave me a bunch of geberish, I quit taken them, so now I want to get back to the way I was. Should I go for the shot, my test come to 239
    Thank yo Maia

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hello Henrique!

      Diarrhoea is a reported side effect (although not a very common one) of B12 tablets. Your B12 levels are APPARENTLY within the normal range but if you’re still experiencing symptoms of B12 deficiency, please begin taking B12 shots since the lower limit for B12 is rather too low. Ideally, your B12 levels should be above 550 pg/ml (the set standard of <150-200 pg/ml to diagnose B12 deficiency is too low since people experience symptoms even when their levels are above this range). I strongly advise you to begin B12 shots in order to prevent irreversible damage to your body as a result of B12 deficiency since your B12 levels are towards the lower limit of the normal range.

  21. Farah says

    Hi, in February I also suffer from upset stomach I got lose stool with mucus and gets weaker after one month my weight also loss than I visited to gastroenterologist he suggested for endoscopy and colonoscopy and stool test and many blood test my all blood test and stool test reports are clear and in endoscopy and colonoscopy report diagnose mild acid reflux and diarrhea then doctor gave me some medicine and than I recover but than after few months when I left medicine I again got the same problem my doctor says that I got IBS . i can’t eat spicy food and dairy products because than i got diarrhea i again loss my weight my weight before is 50 and now is 45 kg and i feel weakness also . i wanna ask you that can i use fefol vit spansule capsule? is it save for me as i usually suffer from upset stomach?
    i also have B12 shots but still i got weakness…please reply me

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi! How are you feeling now? I hope you’re doing better. As for your symptoms, they point out strongly towards IBS or Crohn’s disease, etc. However, Crohn’s and the likes have very diganostic findings in the tests you mentioned and it wouldn’t be hard to spot it with those tests. IBS, on the other hand, does not have any significant or ‘pointable’ lab test results. The only thing you need to get rules out is B12 deficiency. Have you met a specialist in this regard? If not, do try to do that as soon as possible.

      If you can’t find a specialist, please consult your doctor and ask him/her to carry out the necessary tests. You might or might not have it but it’s very very hard (as well as wrong) to diagnose your problem without a detailed history and examination along with having a look at your test results. The most I can do is guide you and for now, I must say that you should visit a B12 specialist or get your B12 tests done with the help of your doctor. If you’re taking B12 shots already and you do have B12 deficiency, you might have to increase the dosage you are getting.

      Anyway, the final diagnoses can only be found once your doctor rules out B12 deficiency. In case you don’t have it, you most probably do have IBS. The weight loss is probably due to the massive malabsorption and indigestion that you have. For that, avoid the foods that promote your diarhea and try to adopt a stress-free lifestyle since stress (usually psychological stress) triggers off attacks of IBS.

      As for the fefol capsules – yes they are perfectly safe for you. They’re supposed to help fix anaemia and they might cause diarrhea and/or constipation in some people. Since you’ve already got some of those issues, you can try taking it with meals (avoid tea/coffee/fizzy drinks for 2 hours before and after you take these capsules since all these reduce the absorption of iron in the gut). If these pills don’t cause any problems, well and good. If you can’t tolerate them, you have to discontinue them and swtich to iron rich foods in case you are anaemic. Have you had your haemoglobin levels checked? If they’re low, you have to continue these pills or get iron injections since low haemoglobin levels are very dangerous for your health.

      I hope my explanation helps..if there’s anything else I can do, please let me know. I do hope that you get better soon!

  22. Sarah Tupling says

    Hi my name is Sarah Im 22 year old and I was diagnosed with Vitamin b12 deficiency November last year. my b12 count was 81 and folic acid 2.2. (I was told normal b12 level should be between 550 – 1000 and folic acid 15-20) I was feeling constantly tired and completely out of energy. My doctor explained that the my body wasn’t absorbing vitamins from the food i was eating. i began receiving the injections, i had 6 injections within the space of 2 weeks and then 1 every month. They did begin to work and i started to feel as though i was gaining a little more energy, I could concentrate more when i was at work etc. but then I started to get a huge amount of spots on my face and back which were very sore, and after having b12 injections it took me ages to switch off on a night and actually go to sleep sometimes i would be up til 2/3am and have to be up for work at 7….so id get up for work feeling exhausted and tired and back to square one. I work with children in a nursery so need all the energy i can get!.
    i decided against getting the injections, they were just not working out for me, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting a good night sleep seems to be working out just fine for me at the moment. When i told my doctor I did not want to receive the injections he did not seem very happy with me, he was quite insistent that i take the shots and said it would effect me in the long run and made me feel if i didn’t have one then i would become ill.
    I do have a question..
    Does B12 help your immune system and to help fight against infections?? or is it simply just to help b12 get into your body to gain energy. I have been quiet annoyed with my doctor lately as every time i have went with a problem, he always says the cause of me keep getting virus’s and infections is due to me not getting my b12 injections and i feel pressurised t get the injections.
    within the past 2 month i have suffered with a kidney infection, ear infection, and a throat infection..all needing antibiotics to treat them. is it true that this could be caused by not getting my b12 injections?
    and do you have any suggestions as to what could be making me more prone to catching bugs and infections? thank you , hope to hear from you soon! x

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Sarah!
      Your doctor’s right! Vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of nearly all the cells of your body along with its role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, a normal metabolism, a properly functioning nervous system, etc. Your B12 and Folic Acid levels are too low and you really need to start getting those injections again. If you don’t, you will end up getting IRREVERSIBLE damage done to your nervous system apart from getting numerous infections which will weaken you further. Begin your B12 shots along with Folate supplementation a.s.a.p! You might get a few mild side effects but these will wear off over time. You’re lucky to have been diagnosed by this condition before your body has been damaged to a point where nothing can be done to fix it. So please don’t just throw it all away – a few mild side effects are nothing compared to a lifetime of illness which could include paralysis, recurrent infections, hair loss, skin problems, infertility, etc. Run to your doctor as soon as possible and begin those shots!

    • Chrissy says

      I had bad reaction to b12 injections and still suffering extreme problems, of which I had none before. My dr insists I still need b12 shots but no way am I subjecting myself to more agony. It’s been 5 months and I suffer terribly daily so why load more into my system as I am obviously highly allergic to it.

  23. Bobbi says

    diagnosed clinically w b12 defic-have celiac, hashis, neuropathy. took 1000mcg weekly for 8 weeks without much improvement. then did daily dose self injection 1000mcg for 75 days. neuropathy improved, more energy. by 40 days though having stomach problem and at day 75 acute stomach pain. stopped and pain relieved. i’ve gone 2 weeks no dose and today took 250mcg dose to see how i do and not sure how frequently i need injections. having nausea and cramping – not acute but unpleasant. how do i know how to dose? i’m a petite woman—why would i get same dose as tall man? please advise and thanks

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Bobbi!
      Side effects such as the ones you experienced do occur but the acute stomach pain is definitely not expected. You should get your B12 levels checked and with your doctor’s consent, begin the right protocol with your B12 levels in consideration. You might need B12 shots daily for a few months, then weekly afterwards. Please do not delay the visit to your doctor regarding this issue since the neuropathy can turn into permanent nerve damage if the B12 levels are not corrected in time.
      As for the dosage – it doesn’t depend on weight, age, height or sex. It depends on the cause of the deficiency, the severity of the deficiency, etc. If some one has a chronic mal-absorption disorder such as celiac disease, crohn’s disease, etc, they will need high doses and constant supplementation with the exact protocol depending on how low their B12 levels are and how fast they decrease without supplementation. Hope this helps! If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.

    • Regev Elya says

      Having a blue mark from vitamin b injections or any other shot is normal. If it doesn’t fade away within a week, or just feels too painful to endure, consult a professional.

  24. Dolly Brock says

    i have had the symptoms of this for nearly 3 years visiting my doctor lots of times and a neurologyst to no avail then a few weeks ago i finally got through to him and he sent me for a blood test then it came back with very low reading for vit b12 over 2 weeks now i have had a series of 6 injections i dont feel any better im to have 1 injection now every 3 months for the rest of my life and quite honestly its a wast of time sorry to sound negative but the burning pins and needles falling etc is getting me down

    • Jim Dalia says

      Be patient, it takes years for your body to become deficient in B12. and it takes more than two weeks to replenish the deficiency. I would ask your doctor to step up the shots to one a week instead of every three months. Good Luck Dr. Jim

      • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

        Hi Dolly!
        As mentioned in the comment above, you need to get more injections of Vitamin B12 to increase your levels back to normal in a shorter period of time. Do discuss this with your doctor but don’t give up the treatment, it’s very important for you to receive these shots!

  25. Amy D says

    I was experiencing neuropathy in my hands and feet, having chronic fatigue and skin and hair issues. I was afraid it was diabetes but after tests my doctor informed me I had no detectable vitamin b12 in my system. He explained that often pernicious anemia is caused by an autoimmune reaction with the patient’simmune system killing off the intrinsic factor. After four weeks of once a week injections things started getting much better! Unfortunately I lost my insurance and without the regular injections am back to how I was previous to them. I do have an option to get some injectable b12 so hopefully I will feel well again soon.

    Amy D

  26. Umakant Patel says

    vitamin b12 is good heath for our body .superb change in our body .please inform us about side effect for taking higher dose. Thanks.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Umakant!

      B12 is not toxic in high doses. However, the mild side effects experienced with low to medium doses can increase with high doses. These side effects include nausea, headache, diarrhoea, etc. Moreover, these side effects will wear off over time as one continues B12 supplementation.

  27. Jaswant Singh says

    Hello !!!!!!! Every One
    I am highly deficient in B12.
    My doctor suggested me B12 on alternate day .
    I continued as per his advice for 10 injections.
    But after that I suffered a lot with breathing problem.
    And become extremely allergic get easily caught by cold.
    Can any one suggest me something. Please

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Jaswant!

      You should consult your doctor and inform him/her about these symptoms. You might need an alternative form of this vitamin but taking it is crucial since its deficiency causes irreversible harm to our body (such as permanent nerve damage, memory loss, etc) in addition to issues such as chronic fatigue, chronic diarrhoea, skin problems, hair loss, anaemia, etc. Moreover, the side effects you’re experiencing might just disappear as you continue taking B12 injections therefore eliminating the need for you to consider an alternative. No matter what you do, do not discontinue treatment without your doctor’s consent and try another form of B12 if you have to. Best of luck!

  28. Sylvia says

    Was born with caeliac..when I was an adult was made aware I should have vitamin b 12 injections which have had ever since(roughly three months apart) For quite a while now I have experienced numbness in my fingers, and on asking the doctor why this was occuring was told that over my life span had not had enough B12 injections, but said could not give me more than I was getting now! No mention of how I was supposed to rid myself of this numbness, so wonder if you could advise me whether I could therefore get B12 tablets from health shop etc(say one a day type thing) and would this help solve the problem hopefully or alternatively be unadvisable as was not offered a solution, therefore would I just have to live with(does make life uncomfortable and awkward)! My grateful thanks in the hope you can help and advise.

    • Nancy says

      I am not a doctor. A massage therapist told me that tingling in the pinky, ring, and middle fingers comes from your elbow. Not that it’s a cure, but when I get this I rub my elbow (at least it does provide some relief). If it’s the thumb and pointer finger, it’s coming from the neck. If it were me, I would find a good Chiropractor, and bring them your medical records pertaining to the issue. Maybe they can help you.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Sylvia!

      The numbness can definitely be a result of the B12 deficiency. However, there could be other causes which can be diagnosed by a neurologist. There’s no harm in getting a higher dose of Vitamin B12 and you can definitely take B12 shots (the tablets won’t work that well since you have celiac disease and therefore, malabsorption). Try to discuss this again with your doctor as well as a neurologist. Please do not delay your visit to the doctor to discuss this matter and start your B12 shots as soon as possible to avoid irreversible damage to your nerves. I do not mean to scare you, just want to warn you. Good luck!

  29. Charlotte says


    Thanks for the article. I have been diagnosed with vit-B12 deficiency and start injections next week. 3injections in week one and 3 injections in week 2 to get it into my system, then it’s every couple of months probably for the rest of my life thereafter. My deficiency comes from having a gastric bypass and unfortunately no amount of supplements have enabled me to absorb the right amounts.

    I have lost 6 stone in 6 months since my operation, so I hope I don’t become emaciated looking.

    Thank you again for shedding more light onto this.

    Charlotte. :o)

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Charlotte!

      Thanks a lot for the kind words! We hope you’re doing better now. It’s hard to maintain the optimal weight for your age, height and sex with that sort of surgery but with a little effort and careful attention to your diet, it definitely can be done. Hope you’re doing well. If there’s anything else I can help you with, do let me know! :)

  30. Carol says

    I just asked my Dr. for a B-12 shot yesterday. I was hoping for more energy but shortly after this shot I get sooo tired I want to sleep. I went to sleep at 12:00 last night and its almost 4:00 p.m. the next afternoon.Drank 2 cups of coffee fell back to sleep..barely awake now. Last year when I decided to go to Med. weight loss they gave me B-12 every week and the same thing…extreme tiredness right after. Was never ever given any blood tests for this but why do I have an opposite reaction to this shot. I am older.

    • Jack says

      Hi Carol,

      Just some quick advise on this –
      Its quite common for people with serious B12 deficiency to become very tired straight after injection.

      When you think about this, it makes good sense. Your body is starved of B12 and using it all up…
      – The B12 allows for alot of other things to regenerate, such as protein and muscle.

      I’ve had very similar experiences, particularly in the beginning.
      If you keep going, you will eventually reach a new equilibrium in your body which will (hopefully) be much better.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi there Carol!

      What you’re experiencing occurs to quite a lot of people although I wouldn’t say it’s more common than the usual symptoms of nausea, warmth or pain at the site of injection, etc. There are various theories as to why this happens but these symptoms will go away with time. You should keep taking these shots since getting your B12 levels back to normal is extremely important. If you need any more information, let me know!

  31. Jenny Wilson says

    I know an elderly lady who is having b12 injections which are making her ill. I know she has an egg white allergy. I also understsnd egg white is used in some injections is this the case with b12?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hello Jenny!

      Exactly what symptoms does the lady have? B12 shots do not contain egg white. Common side effects of B12 shots include nausea, diarrhoea, cramps at the site of injection, etc. More serious effects, such as palpitations,chest discomfort, etc are possible but rarely occur. You should tell her to discuss the side effects with her doctor and report to him/her as soon as possible if any of the warning symptoms appear. Hope this helps!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Jercen!
      That’s some new information. I thought Noni juice was rich in just Vitamin C and some other anti-oxidants. Anything else you know about it and can provide for everyone else out there to read, is much appreciated. Thanks!

  32. Kathy says

    Hi I’m trying to get some quick solid information on these shots. I’m 6 months post treatment for rectalca. I had blood testing done as I see my oncologist on the 19th. I was informed today I needed to start b-12 injections. There is so much information on the internet, I just want to know the correct questions to ask the DR. Any help you can give me or a site to look at that YOU feel is trustworthy I would be grateful. Thanks and have a nice day… Kathy

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Kathy!

      You can go through the material on our website along with visiting However, there’s a lot of information out there which might overwhelm you and at this stage, it’s necessary for you to start taking your Vitamin B12 injections and keep taking them to avoid irreversible damage to your body (in addition to the numerous other serious symptoms of this deficiency). You can ask your doctor about all that it does for you, the potential warning symptoms of taking B12 injections (remember that side effects are very very rare), what could happen if you stay deficient in B12, etc. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

  33. Val says

    I had a Vit B combo injection for the first time!… I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks – after a few hours it was as if the fog has lifted and then an extreme mellow feeling so relaxed I have not felt this good in years. I will do this again and again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.(I do not take any form of medication)..:D

  34. Cori says

    I have been taking these shots weekly for the last couple of years. I give them to myself in the middle of my thigh muscle with a 25 gauge, 1 inch 3ml needle. I use .75ml B12 and .75ml B Complex. I never have sore injection sites because I warm the syringe under my arm for 5 or more minutes to bring it to body temperature and I take my time injecting slowly so that the muscle can gradually take it in. Most of the time I barely feel it. Doctor”s offices do not have the time to do this. That’s why they hurt.

    These shots have been a God send for me. I do not absorb B vitamins orally and they upset my stomach. I do not take any other medication. I have lots more energy with the injections and they help with my immunity. There was a shortage last year and I got run down and sick without them. I am a pharmacy technician and I’m on my feet all day working with kids half my age and around sick people constantly. I need them!

    I get a real even energy from these injections, no shaking like with caffeine, and it lasts all week. I will only buy it from a pharmacy. It does require a prescription from the doctor to get it from the pharmacy. I highly recommend B12 from my own experience. I might also add that I was scared to death of needles before this, but syringes are so sharp and fine now that it’s hard to believe that you barely feel it, when it’s done right.

  35. Colleen says

    I went to my doctor and she said that my b 12 was low and should take b 12 shots once a month and i asked her about sublingual b12 so i got some and it makes me feel like i could run around the world as i don’t even drink caffeine as its just to much for me, so i was wondering what the b12 will do if i take the shot once a month?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Colleen!
      The complete answer to your question is covered in our ebook. In a nutshell, Vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of almost all the cells of your body, the myelination of your nerves (required for normal functioning of your nervous system), controlling your metabolism, etc. So restoring this vitamin to its right levels in your body would result in the prevention of numerous symptoms as well as irreversible damage to your body. When you start taking B12, it will speed up your metabolism and will continue to do so till your B12 levels are back to normal (since your body will have all the fuel it needs, adding more won’t increase your metabolism further). Don’t miss any of your B12 shots, Your body needs B12 to function properly.

  36. Nancy says

    Just recently started hormone replacement. Was told needed b12 because red blood cell problem. Told should have b12 injections every 2weeks. Have received 2 injections thus far. Must say..instant feel better! Have been following your info/comments. Thank You for much info! Seems with age we deplete so much!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Ran!
      There’s a lot of protocols for administration of B12shots, tablets, etc. It depends on your B12 levels, the cause of the deficiency, etc. Common protocols include once weekly, once monthly, etc. It all depends on what clinical scenario we are dealing with.

  37. Angelia says

    I have been taking b12 shots for the past 6 weeks. I have a low thyroid hashimoto’s disease and also permanent muscle and nerve damage. I have noticed a big change in my energy but most helpful was that has happened with my muscles and nerves. I find this really helpful and will continue getting the shots…

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      That’s great to hear Angelia! Do continue taking your B12 shots regularly and let us know if you need further help!

  38. Margaret says

    my hubby very weak had two blood transfussions 5months ago …. he had low platettes…. the board hole in prostate hes been weak feeling faint he just sleeps .. he had low iron they gave him iron tablets2 aday after three months he still weak nearly every week drs sends 4 him tells us now hes anmeric so this week had two blood test still no better off

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Margaret!

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s condition. How’s he doing now? I’m not sure I understand what you said about the prostate but the rest of what you said means your husband is definitely anaemic and he might need further testing to find out the cause and treat it. Moreover, to increase his Haemoglobin levels, he will definitely need Iron injections or even blood transfusions if his Haemoglobin levels are too low. However, since his doctors have clearly pointed out that he has Iron deficiency, it’s unlikely for him to have concurrent B12 deficiency. If there’s anything else I can help you out with, please let me know. Hope your husband is doing better now.

  39. Eileen says

    Hi, I currently take b12 shots prescribed by my doctor. I got very lax folr the past seve\eral months and fnally took one last week, after she told me my levels were low. Amazing how much better I feel. My question is, can I take more than one in a month?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Eileen!

      Great question! However, there’s still no agreement over a particular protocol. A lot of protocols are currently in use for the administration schedule of B12 (shots alone, shots plus sublingual tablets, once a month, once a week, etc). It all depends on the cause of your B12 deficiency, its severity, your B12 levels, etc. Taking B12 shots more than once a month is safe. Whether you need them that frequently or not depends on the factors I listed above. Hope this helps!

  40. Charlene says

    My b12 was right at 300 my doctor suggested the pills I knew from various websites and studying that the pills did not work. I went to a clinic and got a shot. I felt amazing the day after for about a week and I was told by the clinic to take them every month. I still feel tired and I do them myself now and do them every other week. I always feel a difference within 48 hours of a little more energy and when the 2 weeks are over I am getting to the point I am very tired. I don’t eat a lot of meat. Should I try the once a day for a week to get it back where it is suppose to be and then once a month. I currently am looking for a new doctor I just can’t seem to find one the last one I went to the initial first appointment it took over 4 hours in the office. So I am back to square one with finding a new doctor.

    • Charlene says

      I should ad that I do 1000mg a dose and I have never felt as good as I did that first week I had got it done it has now been over 4 months.

      • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

        Hello Charlene!

        The first thing you need to know is that you won’t always be feeling as good as you did when you first got your B12 shots. In fact, as time passes by, that feeling will be gone. However, you’re not supposed to get tired either. Let me explain these two separately. Once you’re deficient in B12, you will benefit from it and your metabolism will increase (thus giving you an energy boost). A person who is not deficient in B12 will not experience an energy boost because although B12 plays a role in our metabolism, there’s no effect of adding any extra B12. In your case, your B12 levels are increasing (albeit slowly) which is why the energy boost seems to be decreasing with every dose. On the other hand, you might not be injecting yourself properly (it might be going straight into your bloodstream) due to which you still feel tired. In order to check your progress, get your B12 levels checked and once you have the results, consult with your doctor for an increase in dosage as well checking your technique of administration of the B12 shots. Hope you have found the right doctor by now!

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Fred,

      I’m right next to TrimNutrition’s Intramuscular Vitamin B12 Injection Instructions. There you go:

      Wash your hands carefully with soap and dry them completely. Put on gloves if necessary.

      Take the cover off the needle by holding the syringe with your writing hand and pulling on the cover with your other hand. It is like taking a cap off a pen.

      Hold the syringe in the hand you use to write. Place the syringe under the thumb and first finger. Let the barrell of the syringe rest on your second finger. Many people hold a pen this way when they write.

      Wipe the area where the needle will go with the alcohol wipe. Let the area dry.

      Depress and pull the skin taut with your free hand. Keep holding the skin a little to the side of where you plan to put the needle.

      Use your wrist to inject the needle at a 90 degree needle (straight in). The action is like shooting a dart. Do not push the needle in. Do not throw the needle in, either. Throwing the needle can make a bruise. The needle will go through the skin easily when your wrist action is correct.

      Let go of the skin. As you let go of the skin, hold the syringe so it stays pointed straight in.

      Push down on the plunger to inject the B12 nutrients. Do not force the nutrients by pushing hard on the plunger.

      Pull the needle out quickly once all the B-12 is injected, at the same angle it went in.

      Use the cotton ball or gauze pad to press gently on the place where the needle went in. You may cover the injection site with a band aid if necessary.

      Hope this helps. It might sound complicated but it’s fairly easy with their instructions page (supplied in every package of their B12-shots).

  41. Pam Brown says

    I need some information, my doctor said I needed b12 shots.
    So I had two so far. I was getting them every two weeks.
    Well the first week after I got my first shot I broke out with a boil under my arm, that I had got my shot in.
    Then when I went back to get my second shot I ask the nurse if the boil could have been from the b12 shot. She told me no.So I went ahead and got my second shot. then I got a second boil under the same arm. I want to know if these boils were caused from the shots? I do not want to keep getting them if there were. Also does b12 shots have bee pollen in it?
    Thank’s so much for anything you can tell me. Write me on my email.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hello Pam!

      What you experienced is not related to vitamin B12 shots. Boils are the result of an infection of hair follicles. They occur when one is exposed to unhygienic conditions [ exposure to bacteria, not paying enough attention to one’s cleanliness, excessive sweating and not cleaning oneself up…I could go on, but of course you get the picture by now 😉 ]. In addition, sometimes conditions such as Diabetes or the use of steroids can also cause boils. You should see a dermatologist soon in order to find out and treat the cause of the recurrent boils. He or she might give you an antibiotic cream to apply on the boils in addition to treating any underlying cause of the condition (in case they find one). Good luck!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Helena!
      I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a prompt reply, I’ve been a little busy lately. As far as ‘Tennis Elbow’ is concerned, there is no role of Vitamin B12 in its treatment. This conditions is causes by overuse of the elbow or trauma to its structures. Treatment consists of physical therapy, painkillers, staying in good physical shape (with surgery being the last resort), etc. Hope this helps!

  42. Sandra Darby says

    hello i have a b12 defiency ,i think its from not absorbing through my food but i have got pip breast implants still in and wondered if the implant could be causing a parasite to contend with my b12 absorbtion

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi there Sandra!
      First of all, there are multiple causes of Vitamin B12 deficiency but PIP breast implants are not one the causes. Yes, certain parasites can cause this deficiency (such as tapeworms, etc) but again, breast implants don’t have anything to do with that. You should get tested and see a doctor immediately to get treatment for the cause of your deficiency along with receiving B12 supplementation. Don’t delay a visit to your doctor! If there’s anything more I can help you with, feel free to ask!

  43. Brenda says

    HI I was wondering is vitamin b12 and b12 folate the same thing? I was tested recently and seem to only have a result for b12 folate!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Brenda!

      That’s a very unusual question actually since B12 and Folic Acid (or folate) are two different vitamins. Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin and Folic Acid is known as Vitamin B9. You should look up your results once again – they should be separate for B12 & Folate. If you need any further information, let me know!

  44. Xena says


    “And to also form a fatty substance called Myelin that protects the nerve cells.”

    Will this help with people that are diagnosed with MS Multiple Screlosis even though i am on injections called Interferon beta1a… And also i heard that it helps bring your sense of smell back as i have lost my sense of smell over 10 years ago which i cant remember ever smelling in my life but my mum has told me when i was younger i could smell, now i am 27 years of age and still cant smell, so i was wondering if this B12 will help with my MS and my sense of smell…
    Cheers…. X

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Xena!

      Great question there! Multiple Sclerosis, as you might already know, is a disease that causes the progressive stripping off of the myelin sheath of nerves. This process is auto-immune in nature (meaning the body starts attacking its own components perceiving them as foreign). Once this process begins, it is irreversible. Multiple causes such as genetics, infections, etc have been blamed. No matter what the cause, the auto-immune destruction of the myelin sheaths can only be prevented and currently, there is no treatment that can help some one with MS make new myelin. The treatments offered aim at suppressing the immune system to prevent further attacks on the myelin sheath. So where does Vitamin B12 come in? Vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of myelin sheaths and therefore, it is currently under research when it comes to factors that can help prevent or slow down the progress of MS. However, B12 deficiency itself causes symptoms very similar to MS when it begins to affect the nervous system. In MS, the myelin sheaths are destroyed and in B12 deficiency, the myelin sheaths are damaged or not synthesized properly – the result is the same i.e. , loss of the myelin sheaths. You are only likely to benefit from B12 shots immediately if you have been misdiagnosed (something that is possible but at this stage of your disease, seems HIGHLY unlikely). On the other hand, B12 itself might have a role in preventing MS. However, a lot of evidence has to be collected before Vitamin B12 can be administered to treat or prevent MS. Fortunately, B12 shots are harmless and with your doctor’s permission, you can definitely use them to see if they help. However, I must warn you that the role of B12 shots in this regard does not have enough scientific evidence to allow doctors to administer them as a treatment of MS.

      • Xena says

        Thank you Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar for replying its really helpful information i am looking more into this Diasease and any little information could help me… Thanks again really appreciated 😉

          • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

            Hi again Xena!
            Glad to know that my information helped you out! As far as your symptoms of smell are concerned, unfortunately that can’t be fixed. Once nerves are stripped off of their myelin sheath, the symptoms related to that particular nerve are there to stay because they can’t function without their myelin sheaths which once destroyed, heals with difficulty. There’s a lot of research regarding this particular area and there have been a few positive results but we still need further evidence to formulate proper protocols for the remyelination of the myelin sheath. Things that could help remyelination include folic acid, Vitamin B12, essential fatty acids, Cod Liver Oil (since it includes numerous vitamins that help in the regeneration of myelin) etc. You can try these but prolonged consistent usage would be needed for some effects and there is no certainty whether these would actually work or not – the recovery rate depends on the amount of damage done to the nerves, the duration of the damage, etc. Just make sure you get the recommended amount of the above mentioned substances in your diet.

  45. Malathi says

    Hi I like your website very much. I’ve been suffering from I B S .i get diarrhea more often.ive severe vit b12 defeciancy. Is Ibsen the reason fr this. I’ve started b12injections.i do have mild side effects but my energy levels have definitely gone up. I exercise regularly .now I’m into yoga which really helps my digestion too. I’m a vegetarian too.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Malathi!

      Thank you for your kind words ! Sorry to hear about your condition. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘Ibsen.’ Could you please tell me more about that? As far as the B12 shots are concerned, you should continue getting those since having IBS along with the fact that you’re a vegetarian can both cause as well as worsen B12 deficiency. It’s good that you exercise regularly – that along with other modifications to your lifestyle (such as de-stressing yourself, avoiding substances that trigger attacks of IBS, etc) can help you control the symptoms of IBS.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hey there Julia!
      First of all, have you been diagnosed by a doctor regarding these medical conditions? If yes, did you have any blood tests done? You are only likely to benefit from B12 injections if you have a deficiency – something which can lead to the symptoms that you are experiencing. Therefore, I highly recommend getting your B12 levels checked. Moreover, since the cut-off values of Vitamin B12 are slightly high (meaning that many people experience symptoms even when their B12 levels are within the normal range or towards the lower limit of the range), you should consult your doctor and discuss getting B12 injections. If your B12 levels are towards the upper limit of the range, you’re not likely to be suffering from a deficiency and thus, you won’t benefit from B12 injections. With that said, some positive research results regarding the benefits of Vitamin B12 for those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome have been documented. Although we need further evidence to support these few papers, the POSSIBLE helpful role of B12 shots in these conditions has been mentioned. Therefore, you can try getting B12 shots after consultation with your doctor but there is little evidence regarding their efficacy, how much is required, etc.

  46. Jerry says

    Hello, Regev, I would like to ask you a question regarding B12, hopefully you are able to receive it. Several years ago while my wife and I were going through a regimen of tests to determine whether or not she had “memory loss’ and at what level. I suspected that she was experiencing some. The tests proved that my suscpicions were correct at that time she was diagnosed with “MCI” it has since been elevated to “mild to moderate dementia”.
    Anyway in the process it was determined that my B12 levels were dangerously low. As a result I started receiving the monthly shot from the VA system until about a few months ago when they said they were no longer available and advised me to get a oral supplement from my local pharmacist. Which I did. Well I have learned thanks to your article and others that the shots I was getting may have been cyanide based. I will be checking with the VA next week. For certain the supplements which the pharmacist gave me definetly are (I stopped taking them immediately, and will go see the pharmacist today). Here is the real issue at hand, I have been having numerous issues begining with “frozen shoulders” back on November 2, 2013. With cortisone shots and physical therapy I got through that and was given the OK to resume normal activity on January 15, 2013. After bowling two games on, Tuesday, January 15th I bowled two practise games before going back to league bowling on Wednesday, January 16th. Well I made it to the 1st ball of the seventh frame with no issues, but when I threw that next ball I heard an audible “POP” and felt a great deal of pain. I managed to finish that game once again with a considerable amount of pain. I went to urgent care shortly thereafter and was diagnosed with a “traumatic rupture of beceps tendon – Primary”. On Friday, January 18, 2013 I was seen by an orthapedic surgeon and an appointment was scheduled to repair it on February 7th. Everything was fine until Saturday, January 19th when I was shoveling the snow from our deck and tore the bicep tendon in the left arm. So now I have two torn tendons and will undergo surgery to have both repaired on February 7th. Now the real question is it possible that the B12 injections with the cyanide base could have built up over time and be the reason for the weakening of the tendons and that it has also damaged other parts of my body (tendons) etc. and that I should be taking something else to reduce further risk besides a non-cyanide base Vitamin B-12. Hopefully you can provide me with some sort of resolutions.



    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Jerry!

      Sorry to hear about what you went through. Hope your surgeries went well! As for your question regarding cyanide and its build up in your body to cause the symptoms you experienced, it’s highly unlikely for cyanide to cause such a scenario. The predisposing factors to tendon rupture are middle age, sudden strenuous physical activity, etc. Your frozen shoulder could be a result of the B12 deficiency. Muscular weakness (due to B12 deficiency) along with sudden physical activity (in the absence of daily workouts) can cause sudden traumatic tendon rupture. You don’t need to take anything apart from Vitamin B12 supplements for your deficiency or to reduce further risk of damage due to cyanide because in the absence of liver or kidney failure, the cyanide from cyanocobalamin does not build up in your body. You can take oral B12 supplements but I would personally recommend B12 injections (in the Methylcobalamin form) since all of their administered dose goes into your bloodstream to get delivered to your tissues whereas only a small percentage (10-20 %) of the oral supplements gets absorbed. Let us know if you have further questions!

  47. Frances says

    As far as I know, I don’t have any problems in absorbing vitamins, but I was wondering if taking B12 injections would cause any side effects on a normal metabolism. I’m not sure if it’ll speed it up regardless or if my body will change if I stop using it…etc. Just taking per-cautions. Please respond to my email. :) Thanks!

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Frances!
      Don’t worry, Vitamin B12 does not affect your metabolism in any way. There’s a lot of hype regarding its potential role in speeding up our metabolism and possibly even helping us reduce weight. However, the research that has been conducted in this particular regard has proven that all of these theories are pretty much just wishful thinking. On the other hand, some believe that the results of these ‘experiments’ cannot be relied upon since there were some flaws in the methods used to conduct the research. To sum up, Vitamin B12 won’t do you any harm as such but its role in speeding up your metabolism has not been proven scientifically. Mild side effects can be experienced and include nausea, mild diarrhoea, joint pain, etc. Serious side effect CAN occur but are very rare. Hope my answer satisfies your query :)

  48. Maggie says

    My B12 shot was done because I was apparently not absorbing it , I had my first injection last week. I was so sick to my stomache for 2 full days I had to leave work early, I dont notice an increase in energy,,maybe more tired even. Is this common? My next injection is one week away,

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Maggie!
      Side effects of Vitamin B12 are not very common. However, those who do experience them usually feel nauseous, get mild diarrhoea, headaches, joint pain, etc. What you need to know is that these effects are not serious and will wane off over time. Remember to mention these symptoms to your doctor. Also, warning symptoms to look out for are chest pain, chest tightness, wheeze, cough, palpitations, severe muscle weakness, etc. People taking B12 shots don’t always feel energetic – in fact one rare side effect is the feeling of mild tiredness. Don’t worry, this symptom will disappear over time. Just keep the alarm symptoms in mind and report them to your doctor a.s.a.p (don’t delay reporting these symptoms until your next visit since alarm symptoms usually mean an emergency situation which needs to be handled medically right away). All in all, you shouldn’t be scared – just a little cautious. Remember to mention these side effects to your doctor next time you visit him/her and you’ll be just fine. Let us know if you need any more information!

  49. Barry says

    Thank you so much for this useful information. I just don’t understand one thing…
    If vitamin b12 shots benefits definitely outweight the negligible side effects, why don’t doctors prescribe it ‘just in case’ whenever some related symptoms of a deficiency are present?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hello Barry!

      That’s a great question! However, the answer to that is somewhat disappointing. Most doctors aren’t taught adequately about this condition since the common belief is that it is rather uncommon. They usually wouldn’t think about it unless their patients are vegetarians because it takes quite a long time for Vitamin B12 deficiency to develop owing to the fact that it’s stored in large amounts in the human body. What we aren’t taught is the fact that not only vegetarians but even those who consume adequate amounts of animal products can be deficient in this Vitamin because of how animal products are processed, etc. The discussion regarding why and how in that particular matter is far beyond our scope here but to cut it short – it’s a flaw of ‘the system.’ Awareness is increasing as more and more people are getting diagnosed with this condition and hopefully, things could get better. No one can really say how soon that will happen.

  50. John says

    I have suffered from acne for many years and am wondering if there are any benefits of b12 shots when it comes to acne? And if so, how much should I take to achieve full benefits?
    Thank you very much,

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi John!
      Yes, as a matter of fact, B12 is involved in the formation and maturation of nearly all the cells of the body (including the cells of your skin). If you’re deficient in Vitamin B12, it could show up as just about any symptom related to the organ system it effects (the exact order can’t be predicted). However, Vitamin B12 deficiency is not the only cause of acne..there are other common causes too and to get treated adequately, you should visit a dermatologist so that he/she can examine the lesions since dermatological diagnoses are NEVER made without examining the patient. If you do turn out to be B12 deficient, you will have to take B12 injections, tablets or both depending on your levels, the cause of your deficiency, etc. Hope this helps!

  51. Keyur says

    hi the symptoms i am having like brain fog, balance while standing, tingling and numbness of finger and feet…..suggest wat to do…. i from my childhood was not taking any non veg food…..i have lost my job due to my absence of mind. keyur_free @…..india
    +91 9426519777

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Keyur!
      I’m sorry to hear about your job! Please see a doctor a.s.a.p and start taking Vitamin B12 supplements (preferably in the form of Vitamin B12 injections). Please do not delay this any further since you seem to be quite deficient (considering how long you have’t taken any non-vegan food). If it’s not possible for you to consult a doctor and get a prescription for B12 injections, you can begin these on your own since getting these shots is extremely crucial for you. However, going to the doctor and getting your blood tests done is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT since the doctor will tell you what dose of B12 needs to be given to you and for how long. Again, please do not delay visiting your doctor.

  52. Dave says

    Hey there, just wondering about the b12 shot. I took the shot and about 3 minutes later I felt a huge thrush feeling throughout my body…and a burning feeling all over.

    Any idea why i felt this, is this normal?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Dave!
      I’m not exactly sure what you meant when you said you had a ‘huge thrush feeling.’ Could you please tell me more about that? As for the burning sensation – yes, it can happen sometimes to some people and should disappear with consequent injections. Warning symptoms to watch out for include chest tightness, sudden chest discomfort, palpitations, itching, swelling, etc. If you experience any of these, report to your doctor as soon as possible. Moreover, if the current symptoms get a little too much for you to bear, you should discuss these with your doctor. Hope this helps!

      • Dave says

        Dear Dr. Ghazanfar,

        Thank you very much for returning my question, much appreciated. Okay to shed some light on what I felt so you can make a better interpretation on how I felt, I’ll try my best.

        About 6 months ago, I was admitted in the hospital for right abdominal pain. I was given Buscopan through an IV. About 1-2 minutes after the injection, I felt a huge burning sensation throughout my body and my heart started to palpitate very badly and then my HR shot up to 160-200 BPM. I was given a shot of Benadryl and about 30 minutes later, things started to relax for me. It was a very very scary experience.

        Then next thing I got injected in me, was the Vitamin B12. And that was on the 21st of Feb. I felt the exact same burning sensation throughout my body like I did with the Buscopan, just not the heart palps or fast heart rate.

        Have you ever been injected with xray dye? I have, and you can feel it going through your viens. Some people are different of course. But this injection felt similar to that, but just a burning sensation. So I took a benadryl pill shortly after the injection because i thought I was going to have a bad reaction again. After 20 or 30 mins, I was virtually back to normal.

        I guess the question is….am i having so sort of reaction to any injections or is this just a coincidence? I was low on Vitamin b12 on my blood work, so my doc recommended these injections. Im a 28 year old male. I just purchased a bottle of Vb12 (1000mcg). Can i just start taking these instead?

        I’m just worried that I may feel that burning sensation throughout my body again if I take this injection.

        • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

          Hi again Dave!

          Thanks for explaining all that so well ! Well, first of all – I do think that you’re getting a reaction to the B12 shots. It’s very very uncommon but it does happen. However, on the bright side, it doesn’t appear to be anything serious since you have not reported any incidence of swelling all over the body, itching, increase in heart rate, etc and you get better with the Benadryl.
          Whether you should continue taking the shots or not depends on your medical history. In simple terms, we have to weigh the pros against the cons when it comes to your continuing the shots. You are possibly slightly allergic to the B12 shots (something that happens due to an allergy to cobalt or sometimes, to impurities present in the B12 shots, their cyanide component, etc) but continuing the shots may or may not decrease the propensity for you to experience such reactions. If you’re extremely deficient in B12, the shots are a better option for you for at least some time and later, you can switch to pills. If you suffer from a malabsorption issue, you can’t take the oral form of the B12 and will have to continue the shots. So to put it simply, yes you are possibly getting a reaction to the shots but you need to discuss them further with your doctor (who knows your complete medical history) in order to decide which choice is safer for you – continuing the shots of dropping them altogether for an alternative such as the B12 patch, the oral form or maybe the methylcobalamin form of B12 shots.
          Once again, remember to watch out for the warning symptoms which can result after a B12 shot and report to your doctor as soon as you feel any of them (such as chest pain, swelling, itching, difficulty breathing, etc).

          • Dave says

            Okay thanks, I’m seeing my doc on Thursday so I’ll discuss my situation with him. From what I remember he said it was a infatrix factor I was suffering from. Is that the same thing as the malabsorption

          • Chrissy says

            Beware. I suffered an e xtreme reaction to b12 shots and 5 months later still having swelling, hives, welts, burning body. Nothing I take is stopping it.

  53. Grace says

    6 years ago i had what was supposed to be a one day surgery to spacer in my neck. something went wrong, spinal cord swelled and i was paralyzed from the neck down. i spent 2 months in rehab hosp. til insurance said enough and sent me home.we had very few friends and all family lives 800 miles away. i’ve made remarkable progress through lots of trial and the point that i can get around walking and even driving…but still have many daily issues that will prbly be there forever. living in the south b12 injections are a staple for about every ailment. i’ve been looking it up and see lots of praises. one of my biggest prblms. is that i have no energy to do even simplest things. i don’t metabalize pills well, and was wondering if it can really help boost energy.i’ve had blood work up several months ago and only thing mentioned as big issue was vit d was like 30 or something so been taking that. its very hard to draw blood from me…veins are trashed, but do i need to see what it was then. i/ve fought so hard to learn to do everyday things over again, but this no energy is ‘wearing’ me out so to speak.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Grace!
      I’m sorry to hear about your conditions. If your B12 levels were just 30 pg/ml, you’re extremely deficient and you need to start taking B12 shots as soon as possible! Please visit your doctor to get a prescription for these shots (along with other supplemental forms if needed). It’s important to see your doctor so that he/she can find out any predisposing condition that is causing your B12 deficiency (along with treating it) and prescribe the right regimen for your to benefit from the B12 supplements (injections, pills, etc). Don’t waste another moment and see your doctor! All the best!

  54. Cloe says

    Where can I order B12 injections and what type (Cyano, Methyl, etc) do you recommend? I’ll be trying these out before my deficiency gets more serious, please answer fast =)
    Thanks in advance

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Tammy!
      Well the B12 patches are a good source. They’re easy to use and don’t cost that much (since you have to wear a patch once a week usually). However, injections are far more popular and more easily available.

  55. Erica says

    Hi! I’ve been getting B-12 injections for right at a year now from my doctor once a month, When I first started getting the shots I felt the extra boost of energy. But after a few months it slowly decreased. For 2 months now I have been taking B-12 1000mg oral pills with my monthly shots and I have no energy at all! I can barely get out the bed at times. I don’t understand what is going on. Any suggestions?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Erica!
      What you have described is experienced by many people. The exact cause is still debated upon but possible causes include the following:
      1. Incorrect injection (directly into the bloodstream) can cause immediate delivery of B12 to the body and therefore, consequent excretion thus resulting in a sudden energy boost and a sharp decline in energy later on. However, I don’t think this is likely in your case.
      2. As a person’s deficiency begins to get better, the energy boost will not be that marked because B12 helps to maintain a healthy metabolism – it does not give you ‘extra’ energy. When your deficiency will improve, you won’t notice the energy boost as your body will have a normal metabolism.

      I think the latter could be causing your reported symptoms. The only way to know whether your deficiency is improving is by getting your B12 status checked. Also, don’t forget to tell your doctor about all these symptoms. Another possible reason for your tiredness could be the fact that you’re suffering from mal-absorption. I can’t say for sure because I don’t know the details of your medical history but you should discuss this with your doctor.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Sarah!
      It’s perfectly safe to get B12 shots during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding. If you’re deficient and don’t get the shots, you could have serious complications in your pregnancy or your baby could B12 deficient too, causing him/her numerous dangerous problems. Hope this helps!

      • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

        P.S. The recommended dose is higher in both pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, you could need more than the general population if you suffer from a disease or condition that causes problems in the absorption of B12. For more details regarding the recommended daily allowance, refer to this article.

  56. Jinali Thacker says

    i jus took a vitamin B 12 injection nd experienced immense pain at the site of the injection. though it lasted only for around 10 minutes or so, i almost cried. Doctor says i need atleast 10 injection. however, i dont want to take any more injections as they r very painful. is it normal to experience such pain after the shot?

    • Rachael K says

      could be that your sensitive in that area ? have they looked at other Jab spots .. like ie : if the pain is on the left arm maybe they could try the right arm , leg or Butt ?

      I too have had that pain mine was like stinging bees for about an hour or 2 afterward (the first one was fine the week before)
      could they give you a numbing patch (like they do for some shots) so you dont feel the sting ?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Jinali !
      Pain is the one of the most common side effects of these shots and the amount of pain experienced varies from one person to another depending on their ‘threshold.’ Do not stop getting these shots because staying deficient in B12 will cause extreme damage to your body. The pain will usually go away or get less as you continue taking the shots but if you can’t bear it all, you can try the B12 patch.

  57. Rachael K says

    Interesting article .. Ive been having the B 12 shots for 3 weeks now (once a week) but have to go Into the drs I was allowed the Vials but not the needles .. apparently they are a restricted thing in nz bc of the possibility of Junkies getting hold of the needles for *other* purposes so a nurse just does it

    I had all the blood tests prior (about 2/ 3 actually) and they found I was b12 , Iron and Vitamen D deficiant …. though I get outside .. eat lots of red meat and vege (common iron nutriant) just like the Vitamen D i have a thing in my body thats not absorbing and keeping the vitamens / nutriants for longer than a day externally ……
    Ive felt a lot better since having the shots but have had some of the side effects (nothing serious) like the shakes , nausea , headaches and dizzyness for about an hour or so aftwrwards and yesterday felt dizzy and felt like my skin was being attacked by bees ……. (stinging round the jab area) for about 2 hours after ……..

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Rachael K!
      I’m sorry to hear about your condition and do hope that you’re doing better now! Yes the side-effects can be annoying for some people but the benefits of these shots are much more important. Do continue the shots and you will notice the side effects will wear off over time.

  58. Maria says

    Hi, I have been extremely active (workingout) for the last year and I’m having a hard time loosing weight. I am thinking of getting vit b-12 shots to help with my metabolism, any advice? I been to my doctors and I seem to be in pretty good health.

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Maria,
      Being active is only a small part of the equation when it comes to losing weight. Nutrition is the big part. You want to minimize the amount of junk food, sugars, grains and other processed foods to minimum, zero if you can. Out of this website sphere, I’m actually helping people lose fat and/or gain muscle.

      What I always recommend is focusing your diet on water (no other drinks, except for coffee and tea), high quality meats and organs, veggies (especially green leafy ones like spinach), legumes (soak in water for 24hours to eliminate toxins) and ditching fructose rich fruits, grains (bread, rice, etc), sugars and basically any kind of junk food. What you get is something similar to a SlowCarb/Primal/Paleolithic/LowCarb diet, and there’s a reason they’re so popular. They work.

      Vitamin B12 injections will only boost your metabolism if you’re already deficient.

  59. Elizabeth Jon says

    Hello Dr. Aqsa ,

    I had my first b12 injection done last week and I am afraid now to get a second one. I didn’t watch when they gave me my shot in the arm but I feel a sore spot slightly posterior to my deltoid. Anyways I am wondering if it is normal to feel burning/soreness in a 2 inch diameter around this spot even though it’s already been a full week later? There is no swelling or redness. Just burning and soreness. I am wondering if the b12 caused this or if they hit a nerve directly and that’s why it’s still burning a week later but the burning will eventually go away?

    Thank you,


  60. Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

    Hello Elizabeth!
    What you’re experiencing is due to the B12 injection. These shots are painful but the pain usually doesn’t stay that long – but then again, different people have different thresholds of pain. If you have noticed any problems while moving your arm or funny sensations over your skin (maybe even a loss of sensation), then nerve injury is the likely culprit but considering your symptoms, I don’t think that’s the case. Getting these shots is crucial for your health and remember that the pain will seem to get less intense as you continue getting them. Hope this helps!

  61. Elizabeth Jon says

    Thank you for the quick response! If it would be nerve injury from the shot -is that something that heals itself and goes away or is that permanent? I m just scared to get another shot.


  62. Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

    You’re welcome Elizabeth :)
    Well, it depends on the degree and the type/cause of nerve injury. If it’s just chemical irritation due to an injection that has been given too close to the nerve, the signs and symptoms might be mild and will usually disappear as that particular chemical dissolves into the tissues (but the chances of full recovery may not occur in case of some chemicals. However, B12 isn’t one of those chemicals which could cause permanent nerve damage due to its injection too close to a nerve). On the other hand, direct injury to the nerve caused by the injection needle may cause temporary or permanent damage (the latter is barely seen these days because medical practitioners and nurses would have to be extremely incompetent in order to cause that sort of complication and that’s really not the case these days). So all in all, I think you’re safe. Don’t fret too much! You can tell your doctor to use another site for the administration of the shot, that might help.

  63. Joe M says

    I have seen a family memeber using a from of B-12 injectable shots name brand OPTOVITE B12 only available in Eurpe (Spain). On a trip about 2 years ago he purchased quite a number of these boxes and they are not inexpensive. Time has gone on and he had stopped using the product but recently came across his storage box of about 20 boxes or so. However, he noticed the DUE DATE to be April 2012. He asked be to look around and inquire to see if this is still a safe supplement to inject (as many product manufacturers might use this date to sell more product) or should he abide by the date and dispose of these? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Joe!
      You should definitely get rid of those old “OPTOVITE” shots. It’s not safe at all to use them now, the expiry date is there for a reason.

  64. Renee says

    I just did some blood work at my doctor to be told my diet is good and my b12 is bad. I had my first shot yesterday and I have been running around the house non stop with energy and now for the life of me, cant sleep. I could sleep within minutes before and since the shot, I cant seem to slow down enough to feel tired. While im happy that I have energy once again, im worried now I wont be able to sleep. Im now up a total of 20 hours and feel like I said slept for a year. Could this be a side effect or was my mind use to the deficiency and now my body is waking up?

  65. Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

    Hi Renee!
    What you’re experiencing is definitely due to the fact that your body is getting used to the B12. Don’t worry, it won’t stay like this forever. After a while, when your metabolism is back to normal, you won’t feel so sleepless and your routine will get okay. Meanwhile, continue taking the shots. Do not miss even one of them because getting your B12 levels back to normal is crucial. Hope you get better soon!

  66. Lorrain says

    I have just come from the doctor after receiving a vitamin B12 shot. I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for some time now and the last 3 months have been intolerable. I barely have the energy to get up and get the kids to school and go back to bed until I have to pick them up again and I go to bed at night as early as I can never getting the feeling of rest after I have slept. My doctor said he would try the B12 shot today as he just does not know what to do to make me feel better. I was wondering what your opinion is of B12 shots for Chronic Fatigue. Until today I thought these shots were only for people with B12 deficiency (I had blood work for that done before and it came negative) also would one B12 shot work on its own to help me.

  67. Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

    Hi Lorrain!
    Fortunately, B12 has been shown to help relieve the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Research has shown that people with CFS have high levels of nitric oxide and its oxidation product peroxynitride. These chemicals are released in responce to stress (irrespective of the type of stress, such as infectious,physical, emotional, mental, etc). Vitamin B12 reduces the levels of nitric oxide in the body which is why it helps in the reduction of the symptoms of CFS regardless of what might be causing it. The research done in this regard has been shown to be very promising and you have a good chance of improvement once you begin the B12 shots. Make sure you get the methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin form of B12 (the former is more easily available) than the generally used cyanocobalamin because according to some studies, cyanocobalamin may not benefit those with CFS as much as methylcobalamin does. Hydroxocobalamin can also be used but it’s very very hard to get this form. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  68. Aman Maheshwari says

    I am suffering from vit B!2 def. from past 4 months.My hb level was 5.7 in dec 12. Doctors did on bottle blood transfused adn suggested me the Vit b12 injection. first for 7 daya I took injection twice a daily. the after it twice in a week.

    My result of test on 4 th april are as follows.

    S. Iron : 49
    S.feratin : 412
    TIBC : 341
    Vit B12 : >2000.

    Please suggest me what to do ?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Aman!
      Your current reports show that you don’t have B12 deficiency..however, your Haemoglobin levels were extremely low earlier. Even now, your iron studies are not normal. Can you please tell me more about how this problem started and what were your signs and symptoms? Have you experienced any weight loss? Are there any additional ongoing health issues you haven’t mentioned ? I can guide you further once I know a little more regarding the questions I asked you. Let me know soon!

      • Aman says

        In the starting of dec 12, I was feeling tired without doing any work, I went to the hospital for jaundice test, i.e. S. Bilirubin. S. Bilrubin comes around 1.8. then it starts incresing and reached around 2.8. My SGPT and SGOT are just above the normal value.

        Then suddenly after some time I am not able to stand properly and then doctors told me that I am anaemic.
        Then they transfer one bottle of blood. My Hb reaches 6.7. Then they suggested me Vit b12 test and value is quite low .then I started taking injection and my report on 4 th april are as follows.

        S. Iron : 49
        S.feratin : 412
        TIBC : 341
        Vit B12 : >2000.

        Please suggest me what to do ?

        • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

          Hello again Aman!
          After seeing your lab reports, I can tell you have anemia but it’s probably due to some ongoing chronic disease. Your B12 levels are well above the normal levels but don’t stop taking the B12 shots since you told me your B12 levels were low earlier. Tell me more about your you have any other symptoms apart from a feeling of being tired? Any fever, pain, cough, weight loss, etc?
          You need at least 2-3 more blood transfusions or intravenous transfusion of Iron sucrose..but that will only help temporarily unless we find the cause of your deficiency/symptoms. Your Haemoglobin is very low but iron deficiency doesn’t seem to be the cause of that. Let me know more details regarding your symptoms.

  69. Nilesh Narodia says

    I have do my blood test for b12 and get result 182 pg/ml
    My doctor record me for injection everyday for a week and after week once a monthly. What should be recommend by you for me. I think I have no any physical problems I have require injection?
    Please guide me
    Thank you

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hello Nilesh!
      Yes, you definitely need those injections! Have you been told about why you’re deficient? Or are you a pure vegetarian? If the latter is the case, you will need injections rather frequently in the beginning to get your B12 levels up but after a while, the frequency will decrease. If there’s anything else I can help you out with, let me know! Don’t miss out on your B12 shots, B12 deficiency can damage your nervous system irreversibly (along with causing numerous other serious problems). Don’t ignore your condition at any cost!

      • Nilesh says

        Hello Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar
        Thank you very much for your reply I am a pure vegetarian. I started B12 shots and completed B12 shots everyday for 7 days and weekly for 4 week and now started monthly one B12 shot.
        After shots I am filling much energy in my body and filling fresh. It`s really effective and now I want to ask you is it require a life time ? note that I am a pure vegetarian.
        Thank you

        • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

          Hello again Nilesh!
          I’m glad I could help :) Yes, you will definitely need these shots for life since your food intake doesn’t provide you the required amount of this vitamin.

  70. Collette says

    i have 2/3rd of my stomach witch is none propulsive and weak my blood test showed that my b12 was 500 and my dr said it was ok i suffer with acid coming out my mouth i haven’t had a solid meal in 15 years due to mucus thick coming down the back of my through t and what i have comes straight back up for hour’s my swallowing is so bad am going to be feed on a N J tub on the 16 this mouth the DR said in the hospital he will give me the B 12 injection but i think am suffering with low stomach acid be cos the 30mg zoton 4 times a day just a bout stop the burn but not the acid and mash our any think back up i have been lick this every day for 15 years and been fobbed off i was 23 am a mum with two kids never been involved in a day out becous am house bound am 38 now and 6 stone from 12 can you give me some advice’s geting the B 12 could make a improvident with my condition.thank you.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Collete!
      Zoton contains a drug that reduces the amount of acid in your stomach and thus controls the burning but it doesn’t cause reflux (reflux = contents of the stomach coming back into the mouth). The reflux you’re experiencing is because of the fact that the normal sphincter between your stomach and esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach) is not functional anymore or has been removed altogether. To prevent reflux, you need to make lifestyle modifications such as taking small but frequent meals, elevating your bed end, not lying down for atleast 45-50 minutes after you have taken food, etc. Also, you should consult your surgeon for further advice and management regarding this issue. B12 will not solve your reflux issue but you need to keep taking because its absorption involves a substance released by the stomach and thus, cutting off a part of the stomach decreases B12 absorption. You need to keep supplementing your diet with B12 because if you get deficient in it, your condition will worsen such that many more organ systems will be involved and you will develop numerous symptoms of neurological disease,etc. So continue taking the B12 supplementation, make the lifestyle modifications I told you about and consult your surgeon for further advice. Having reflux for such a long time is not good since it irritates the esophagus and can cause inflammation and even carcinoma. Hope this helps!

      • Collette milton says

        thank you for your reply, i had a j-peg done in to my bowel on the 29 4 013 and i only got 4 b 12 injections with in two mouths? and now they are saying i don’t need it it,s only 1mg and frolic acid 10ml everyday but i wonted to no even though my be 12 is in range could i have the b12 ti sue testing done at kings in London ? as you can still be deficient even wen it shown 500 rang they are repeating my bloods again and told me if they are in this range am not to have b 12 at all as this will have no affect to me at all ? Is this true am on a feed for 12 hours a night and just had a bone Dexter scan done they have proscribed me with calcium and colecaliferol 1.5 grams plus 10 micrograms (400 units and Alendronic Acid 70ml /100ml) once weekly as i don’t no wt it,s for ? wot is carcinoma mean ? can you tell me pleases help me x

  71. Amanda says

    Hi I have had 4 injections so far of b12 I have to have 6 in 2 weeks and them 1 every 3 months as I am vegetarian (also b12 was checked for this to happen)

    Since these injections I have felt so tired especially after my 4th( yesterday 15.4.2013)
    I had the injection at 9:30 am and by 11 am I felt I could sleep a 100 years!
    I don’t feel as bad today but still feel tired and as if I have a head is heavy!
    Before these injections I felt fine that is why I know this is definitely happened with these injections
    I did tell the nurse but they didn’t really seemed concerned …. But it’s worrying me

    Please help thanks

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Amanda!
      I know that feeling of being tired all the time can be very frustrating but don’t worry, it goes away soon as you continue getting the shots. There are various theories as to why that happens when people start repleting their B12 stores with supplementation. It’s a rather contradictory phenomenon since B12 repletion should raise the energy levels because one of its functions is maintainence of a normal metabolism and its deficiency causes a decreased metabolism. Theoretically, getting back your B12 stores should improve your metabolism. That does happen in most cases but some people experience the opposite. The theories that explain this issue are not entirely agreed upon universally but the good news for you is that this phenomenon disappears soon and isn’t dangerous for you. Don’t miss your B12 shots no matter what, missing them will do you more harm than you can imagine. So bear with that annoying feeling of being tired for a while, it will pay off eventually!

  72. Susan says

    Hi I was prescribed B12 injections resulting from chronic mouth ulcers periodical. The GP said it was a result of under-active thyroid and taking levothyroxine. I have at times been prone to anaemia. I also have had threadworms in the past. Could you tell me what the test is they do to establish why I need the B12, the GP said I would not absorb it in my stomach as I now had panitous anaemia

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Susan!
      You have pernicious anemia and concurrent hypothyroidism. Pernicious anemia causes autoimmune destruction of some cells of the stomach which are involved in the production of a substance which is needed in the absorption of Vitamin B12. Therefore, you need to stay on lifelong B12 supplementation to avoid its deficiency. It’s better for you to take the B12 injections since you can’t absorb it well through your stomach if you take it orally.
      As for the tests involved in the diagnosis of B12, the basic one involves testing the value of B12 in the blood in addition to serum homocysteine and methylmalonic acid levels. The Schilling test is done to find the specific cause of B12 deficiency whereas the tests for antiparietal cell antibodies and instrinsic factor antibodies are highly useful for the diagnosis of B12 deficiency (these are the antibodies that cause destruction of the cells and/or the substance which causes B12 absorption and when they are found in the serum, they indicate pernicious anemia).

  73. Mary says

    I recently got my blood test done. shows vit B 12 1> 107 pmo1/L
    I had the test done in Canada, I feel I need the injection due to lethargy, a need to nap when I get the chance that is .
    I have @ a very stress full job & am starting to notice memory problems (short term),also have an under active thyroid & Arthritis.Do you think I would benefit from getting Vit B 12 injection?

    Thanks, Mary

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Mary!
      You might just have co-existent hypthyroidism and pernicious anemia (a disease which causes problems in absorption of B12 from the stomach). You definitely need regular injections of Vitamin B12 along with consulting your doctor to find out the cause of your deficiency. Please do not delay either of these, your health will suffer a lot if you do. If there’s anything else I can help you out with, let me know!

  74. Nancy says

    I’ve been given hydroxocobalamin injections for the past five days which started on Monday. 1cc per day for 7 days …then 2xper week.
    I decided Not to inject yesterday. I woke up with dizzy spells…I couldn’t change body elevation to quickly, I had headache..stiffness in neck & upper back…feeling of passing out. Chills. Temp 95.5
    After 20 minutes of orange juice. I ruled out blood sugar and decided it was dehydration.
    I drank water and put sea salt under my tounge untill my temp came back up to normal 98.6.
    I am gluten intolerant. Follow a no grain no starch no sugar no dairy diet. Almond based with chicken eggs beef all organic and veggies. I have high mercury and copper and lithium levels in my blood.
    Your thoughts.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Nancy!
      I don’t think it’s possible that the missed B12 shot caused those issues – sudden withdrawal might cause a slight decrease in energy in case you have a marked deficiency but your symptoms are rather strange. Can you tell me your serum mercury, copper and lithium levels? Exactly why were these tests ordered? Have you ever experienced any similar episodes earlier or was it just a single episode ?

  75. Misty says

    I have been doing B12 injections for about a year due to inability to absorb properly. They have been a miracle worker. I take 1ML every 3 weeks. This has increased my energy level and stopped some of the problems I was having from it being so low.

  76. Jordan says

    My b12 injection benefits my self-esteem too and I really feel the difference of my mood and energy. Thank you so much, you had a very positive impact on my life.

  77. Bongi says

    I got a under active thyroid and I am taking ectroxin 0.1g. As you all know I have a challenge of weight problem because of that. I just started the Vitamin B12 injection and diet. I understand that it is not going to make me loss weight indirectly but is it going to help for first metabolism or the is anything I need to do exstra? How many time should I take the injection in a week if you want to see the results of losing weight? What are the snakes that one can take that is a good diet for vitamin B12 injection? Can list few of the snakes and fruits please for me? What is/are extra medication that can help on the weight lost if I am taking the Vitamin B12 injection that could the suppliments or support it on my condition?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Bongi!
      Your weight problems are due to an underactive thyroid. When the thyroid works less than normal, the metabolism slows and one gains weight along with feeling tried, etc. Vitamin B12 does NOT help one lose weight if they’re not deficient in it. In your case, the weight issues will get better with the medication you’re taking (eltroxin, i.e). Follow a healthy diet plan (avoid junk food, oily and fried stuff , etc), exercise regularly and keep taking your meds. I will definitely not advise any medications for weight loss, they are no good in the long run. Your main issue is the under-active thyroid so keep taking eltroxin and you will soon begin to lose weight.

  78. Bongi says

    I got under active thyroid and I have got a problem of weight. What else can I do more if I am taking the vitamin B12 injection? How much is the vitamin B12 going to help on my condition and I understand is not made to lose weight but indirectly can.What snakes and fruits one need to take if I am on the injection.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi again Bongi!
      B12 can’t make you lose weight but it’s required for the maintenance of a normal metabolism. If you’re deficient in it, you will experience some weight loss in the beginning as your body starts repleting its stores of B12 and a normal metabolic rate kicks in but once your B12 levels are back to normal, you won’t continue to lose weight. There’s nothing you need to take along with the injection – its effects are not enhanced by anything and it works alone just fine. Just keep taking your thyroid medication along with it, that’s the main issue!

  79. alan says

    I have been haveing bad headaches for quite a while feeling tired and occasional urgent trips to the toilet, after blood tests my doctor has recommended 1 B12 injection yes just 1,please or will i benefit from just 1 injection will this help ? thanks

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Alan!
      That’s rather strange. Can you ask your doctor about your results and let me know? I can give you further advice regarding the number of injections and their frequency once I get an idea of your B12 levels.

  80. Patty Taggart says

    Hello Regev,
    I am a Registered Nurse licensed in the state of Florida, USA. Recently, a friend & business associate stated that she had purchased B 12 injections through a special that a weight loss facility was promoting. She is not overweight, just “going to school & working, with 2 children”. She states that it helped her so much and inquired if I could administer those injections. I am presently an immunization nurse and have treated patients in their home under a doctor’s order. Those cases were diagnosed with pernicious anemia.
    My question is, do you know if legally I would be able to administer the injections without being charged with something crazy, like “practicing medicine without a license”.
    When I attempt to look at the legislative codes in this state, it is totally overwhelming to try to find an answer to this question. If you can possibly help answer this question, I would be very grateful
    Thanks for all the wonderful educating that you are doing!

    • Regev Elya says

      Hey Patty, thanks for the good words!
      Vitamin B12 shots are a nutritional supplement and not a medical drug, so my bet is that you’ll find it to be a legal practice, but honestly I’m not familiar with the American law as I’m not an American citizen. I have forwarded your question to Dr. Brent Agin, i’ll let you know very soon what he says.

    • Regev Elya says

      Here’s his reply:

      “Hey there. The good news is that in the state of florida a person can have anyone give them a shot without repercussion. For instance if a diabetic needed a shot they can have anyone they elect give it to them without needing a license. You cannot charge for the injections or do this in a clinical setting, but when not done in a business environment you are fine. Not all states are like this but in Florida it is fine. Hope this helps. We teach spouses and partners to do the vitamin injections in our clinic all the time. The other good news is we have not had any issues with people having adverse outcomes from poor injection technique. Thanks!”

      I guess you’ll be fine.

  81. Ken Hawkins says

    My wife and I recently meet with our family PCP and told him we were due for B 12 injections prescriptions. He told us he would not recommend it due to B-12 having cyanide in it. He said to take oral B12. We have tried to verify this using the Internet but have come up short of any sufficient definitions of B-12 containing cyanide. Can anyone help?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Ken!
      That’s quite absurd ! If you’re healthy, cyanide isn’t an issue since its only present in a minute quantity in the B12 supplements and even this minor quantity is excreted soon. Plus, even oral supplements mostly contain the cyanide form of B12 and B12 shots are available in the better form of methylcobalamin. You can take the methylcobalamin form of the shots if you’re too concerned about the cyanocobalamin form but even the latter is harmless if you have a healthy, functional pair of kidneys, aren’t a smoker, etc. Read more here:

      • Chrissy says

        Nothing is perfectly safe. I have been poisoned by these shots and now very ill. Given to me by my doctor. I have suffered a very severe reaction and five months later still suffering.

  82. Robyn says

    I was in a car accident & injured my lower back, neck & shoulders. One doctor at the physical therapy office was pushing me to take an injection of Vitamin B 12 into my lower back to help reduce pain. I asked him if he was going to take blood work because how would he know if my body didn’t already have enough of vitamin b 12 as I have been taking vitamins, eating healthy & working out. He claimed it wasn’t necessary. Anything the body didn’t need would be removed when you pee. He said taking vitamin b 12 isn’t the same as it goes into your stomach & kidneys. I have already had an epidural steroid injection into my lower back & had side effects. The steroid helped a lot & I haven’t needed another shot. Is it really necessary to take a vitamin b 12 shot to the back or is it the doctors just trying to milk the insurance companies?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi there Robyn!
      Your doctor was right to have given you a B12 shot since injuries cause muscle and nerve damage. B12 is involved in the maintenance of normal neuronal and muscular development, function and survival. The need for B12 increases when you get an injury. B12 is prescribed regularly with painkillers for those with muscular pain due to the same fact. It helps in regeneration and thus speeds up recovery. It’s not for direct pain relief though. Hope this answers your query :)

  83. Jeff says

    I’ve heard that MANY celebrities use these vitamin B12 jabs to have more energy, is that true? I feel a little bit ‘down’ recently and thought of injecting myself cause my job is very taxing.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Yes Jeff, that’s absolutely true. From people like Margaret Thatcher to Justin Bieber, a lot of celebrities have used B12 and continue to do so. However, the belief that B12 causes an energy boost in everyone is entirely false. If you’re not deficient in B12, you won’t get the energy boost you’re expecting. B12 maintains a normal metabolism when it’s present in the optimal amount in your body, it doesn’t speed up your metabolism when it’s present in excess.

  84. SallyJo says

    What about psych drugs? I am b-polar. I have been on lithium 30 years now. When I have been at higher doses I experienced fatigue all the time. My dose has been reduced some. But not too much as to ward off mania. So all together I am on two mood stabllizers, and two antidepressants. This has been so for a number of years and will continue through life. My psychiatrist just deals with psych meds. My Family Practice has no clue about vitamins AND psych drugs interaction.
    Do you have any experience with this? Depression, Mania, Meds to treat?

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Sally Jo!
      I’m sorry to hear about your condition. Yes, Lithium does cause B12 deficiency in the long run. Anyone who takes Lithium should take supplemental B12 (You can start with oral supplementation if you don’t have any absorption issues). Moreover, Lithium also lowers the levels of thyroid hormone in your blood which causes low energy levels, slow metabolism, etc due to the fact that thyroid hormone is involved in maintaining your metabolism and energy levels. However, you can’t ‘supplement’ your diet with thyroid hormone without getting the necessary tests done to find out its levels in your body because this hormone needs to be administered very carefully since even a slight increase in its levels can cause major issues in your body (increased heart rate, weight loss, sleeplessness, hyperactivity) and these effects are obviously much more dangerous for those with bi-polar disorder since they’re already at the risk of developing mania. I hope this helps. If you need to know anything else, you can ask us anytime.

  85. Daria says

    Maybe i’m just a tough girl or something, but there are absolutely no b12 injection side effects for me.

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      That’s good to hear Daria ! B12 usually doesn’t have side effects, except for the local effects of the injection such as pain at the injection site, etc or very rarely, allergy to the components of the injection.

  86. Natalie says

    I developed a very severe form of anemia after being a vegan for four and a half years, and had absolutely no energy for anything. After supplementing myself for a few months – i am feelin so so so much better! consider injecting b12 and don’t neglect your health

  87. ana_bahnanah says

    ok here’s my symptoms: im always tired, I go up the stairs and I feel like im gonna die…and severly out of breath. Im constipated every other week. I sleep all day when im off work when I really should be doing things more productive, im mostly grouchy and always upset about something. My feet are swollen when I wake up and it makes it difficult for me to walk. These problems started almost 2 years ago after I had my last child. Am I the posterkid for someone who needs B12 injections? oh and btw im only 30 and im in law enforcement……its dangerous for me to feel like this. HELP

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi there Ana!
      What you need to do is to get some tests done. Consult your doctor and he/she will definitely order some routine blood tests (complete blood count, etc). The symptoms you are experiencing can be due to multiple causes such Iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, etc. Iron deficiency won’t cause constipation whereas neither of these deficiencies can cause feet swelling. You need a detailed clinical examination along with a detailed history..I can’t tell you much without these two. Please visit your doctor soon. If there’s something else you need to know, I’ll be happy to help :)

    • Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar says

      Hi Nilesh!
      B12 injections are not useful for weight loss even though a lot of sources claim that that’s true in order to sell B12 shots. These injections will only make you lose weight if you’re deficient in B12 since this vitamin is involved in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Therefore, if you’re not deficient, you won’t lose weight no matter how many times you inject yourself with B12. Hope this helps!

      • Nilesh Narodia says

        Is only pure vegetarian only deficient B12?.
        Is non vegetarian also may be deficient B12?

  88. Lindsay says

    I have to admit, I’m amazed with your site. Would appreciate it in case you add forums or something like that, it would be ideal. Good job.

    • Regev Elya says

      Thanks Lindsay, I’ve actually been considering adding a forum to the site for quite some time. Will probably implement something like that very soon. Thanks again for your input,


  89. Victor says

    Hi im 44 yrs old i will like to know how much b12 injections i can take in a week ? i workout 5 days a week and my job is very active . thank you

    • Regev Elya says

      It really depends on your B12 levels, you’ll have to consult your doctor for that, but most people begin with one or two injections per week. Your mileage may vary of course.

  90. Mimi says

    I am 66, weigh 162, and asked my PCD about B12 shots. He said that is for old people. Well, how old do you have to be? I do not have much energy or motivation. Blood tests in the past were mostly for cholestrol. I am thinking of a diet that also has you take the B12 shots. What are your thoughts about that as it is in small doses daily?

  91. Nilesh Narodia says

    Hello Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar
    Thank you very much for your guidance,
    I’m taking a regularly B12 shots since last 7 months and I am filling very well.
    My doctor now also recommendations for MECOBALAMIN TABLETS but I want to know that how is it effective? Can I take it instead of shots? Please guide me
    Thank you

  92. Kate says

    Where can i get b12 shots in England (U.K)? Also, how much b12 is in a shot? my doctor recently told me that i have to take b12 pills, which i did, but they don’t seem to be helping too much. my levels are still quite low
    thanks for this great reference

  93. Daniel Joseph says

    I have read every thing what you have written
    concerning vitamin b12 injection and it is more preferable to take it through the needle rather than oral intake.
    I am living in Germany please send the cost and the methods of payment
    I have knee and elbow problem can it help me
    Thank you

  94. Tweety says

    I just had my first B12 shot of 2ml so i would like to know if i can have daily shots because i used to take the Bco tablets daily with tribus and rifinah tablets. My concern is that my doctor never said anything about B12 shots until i’ve learned that B12 shots are also a combination of all the medication i’m taking and doesn’t have any harm. I was given ilvitrim tablets which caused me some allergies but was stoped. I feel that B12 will help me, what else can i use to avoid my skin from itching?

  95. says

    Yes while I was moving I misplaced a prescription, well I found it today. Like all my other meds I get it does not have a expiration date on it. The medicine is for cyanocobalam injection 1000MCG. IT WAS FILLED ON SEPTEMBER, 15, 2014, is it still good to use, and if it is, when will it expire.

    Thanks, I hope to hear from you
    Soon. !!!!!

    Lisa Harris !!!!!

  96. jackie says

    A few days ago I was diagnosed with bells palsy, have received different ideas one of them was b12 shots, I had started a training weight management program when this happened a week ago, don’t really know if these shots will help me, my diet consist of mainly vegetables, fish or chicken no meat.

  97. Bongi says

    I was diagnosed with under active thyroid about 8 years. I am taking 100g of thyroxine since. As it’s known that weight is always a problem. Now I want to know if I take B12 what other thinks is going to help me with since you say it doesn’t real going to help on weight loss? They is anything should I add to B12 to help maybe with weight loss. I am trying to get something that will help my metapolism to be fast.

  98. Terrie Martin says

    My daughter at age 3 developed diabetes,than slow grwoth and thyroid diease, than addisions, (adrenal faliure) than celiac diease, thatn she was in bed for years, doctors said ,mental and she was jsut tired of being sick, deal with it, I look up more diease that she could have(God forbid we need another one, Anemia!!! I was so angry. The doctor said no to B12, I got it anywasy. She went from sleep 24 7 and no enery, a stroke and no energy to up and moving, doing so much better. I am so angry!. She is a differnt perosn!. She has her life back. The docotrs still say it is not the B12, Really!!!!??? Nuts, she takes 1ml every 3 days and is bright an beautifu again. Look up Polygrandular
    Sydromell; lack of B12 is quite common. She is 37 now and we needs help. Had they not waited so long to do this she would be healthier. Her stroke and memories problems are because of B12 deficiencies. What a shame. But we got it now!

  99. Sharon says

    Can I still order B 12 (methylcobalamin) injections for B 12 deficiency from you directly?
    I was helped immensely by them.
    Two injections 10 days apart from a friend who was using it.
    My doctor for some reason has a problem giving me an Rx. She says that the sublingual B 12 is shown to work just as well… so….not for me.
    My blood serum levels show me to be on the low side of normal…..but in Japan they are treating people with much higher levels….with methylcobalamin…
    I am 67 years old….MRIs, CT scans, and other blood work show everything to be normal…
    Thanks you for your response

  100. Raghu Basavaraj says


    I got tested vitamin b12 ; cyanocobalamin, serum & the result was 172 pg/mL. I consulted a neurologist & he adviced me to take methycobal 500mcg/1ml daily for 1 week & then twice a week for one month. Along with he adviced me to take medicines Ciplar LA20 mg, Rivotril .5mg & depron 10mg for one month. My question is the suggested dosage is sufficient to overcome from b12 deficiency problem. I feel very sleepy & weak throughout the day.i am also having anxiety problem. Pls guide.

  101. Rebecca says

    I read your book with much interest after trying B12 jabs and their amazing result at relieving symptoms. However, my B12 is not at a low level (it was around 850). I am the 2nd patient that my GP has in this situation and the other has found the same result with a number of her family members. I am now trying to understand why the B12 is getting to the blood (as my blood test reading says so) but not being used by the body without the strong dose from
    The B12 jab. Have you done any research in this area or know someone I might be able to speak to? Many thanks

  102. JENNIFER says

    I was getting b-12 shots for years off and on… they help greatly… i stopped getting them cause my dr at the time had said they were no longer having them ordered to there office…. why do doctors stop ordering a medication that is helpful to a patient?
    i struggle with fatigue from my hypothyroid…

    thank you …. Jennifer

  103. Simmi Bhalla says

    Hello Dr.
    Information provided by you is quite useful.
    I am b12 deficient. At the time of detection, my b12 level was 179. Now aftergetting 12 injections of methylcobalmin in two months, my b12 level is still 200. Is my body not aaccepting b12 injections or the increase in b12 level after 12 injections is perfect.
    pls advise. How much more injections should i take? I dont find any improvement in the symptoms.

    Simmi bhalla

  104. says

    I need help desperately and quickly. Learned I was B12 deficient eight years ago and went on cyanacobalamin injections. I was allergic (heart problems, strangulation breathing problems, etc.–breathing so bad taken by ambulance). Went off the B12 for couple of years. Then tried methylcobalamin–same symptoms. Do you happen to know where I can get help. Not taking injections has affected my brain and body all over. I was always in excellent health, am middle-age. Please help if you can! Thank you. LL

    • Regev Elya says

      Could you check if the injections you previously took included a substance other than methyl/cyano itself? Some agent might have caused your allergic reaction.

      • Lynn Lemay says

        Thank you! No they did not contain other substance. I’ve had the methylcyanacobalmin made specifically for me and without and preservatives. It is kept refrigerated and has a life span of only six weeks for this reason. It appears I am allergic to the B12 itself.

  105. Aditya says

    Hi !! I was checked with b12 before two months and the report was 197 ,
    He said its marginal and suggested me neurobine forte , I recently had my check up it was 288!!
    I think they are still deficient ,
    Do I need to take any other medicines or I have to take shots ! Please help me , it’s been 6 months of deficiency ! I’m worried !
    Please let me know the names of tablets or injection I have to take .
    Thank you

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